Monday, February 24, 2014

icefest toronto...

yesterday was a beautiful winter day so we went to check out the icefest that yorkville was holding. i've been previous years and knew that it tends to get busy fast and indeed it did. we checked out all the sculptures, this year's theme being heat wave, and bought some fresh maple taffy which was rolled right in front of us on an ice bar in a bed of snow. does it get more canadian?

 palm trees anda tiki bar.

 mmm taffy.
it really was *so* good.
mini chairs.

the talent some people have, huh?


Unknown said...

That scuba sculpture is incredible! I also love how perfectly sculpted their social media info is!

Between that and the Nesspresso display, I would have an incredibly hard time leaving that place!
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TorontoCameraman said...

Watch the video of the 2014 Icefest:

TorontoCameraman said...
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