Friday, February 21, 2014

effort = results...

i'm happy to say that my hard work in my course is paying off  in the legal assistant program. i've been chosen as 1 of 5 students to go to an honors dinner with one of the big law firms downtown in the hopes of being chosen to do my placement there next semester. ideally, from that i would get hired! which isn't unlikely, as my prof tells me that students who do placements typically do get hired on if they're a good fit. i don't have much more information at this time, like how many people from the firm will be there/who/where it will be, etc. all i know is that it's in just 2 weeks and i'm pretty nervous! as soon as she broke the news, i was mentally going through my closet trying to decide what to wear. obviously the most important thing ;)
unknown pinterest source.
first semester marks. 4.0 gpa thank you very much.

and with that said, as of 1pm, i'm on reading week! hello relaxation and peaceful mornings.

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daniela said...

Not to be shallow but of course it matters what you wear!!! First impressions are so, so key in these cases and YOU will be aaaaaawwwweeesssssssssssooooooommmmmmmeeeeeee!

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