Monday, July 28, 2014

solo weekend...

this weekend brought me back to a time of living on my own and watching as much say yes to the dress and keeping up with the kardashians as i want without judgement. early friday afternoon, dylan left to go camping for the weekend with a friend and didn't get home until around suppertime on sunday. i picked up some chinese food on my way home from class friday evening and then watched some mindless television for the night. i woke up saturday and headed to the market to get myself a chicken pot pie for dinner. before making my way back home, i grabbed a coffee and a fresh almond croissant and sat in the park for a bit while people were milling around enjoying the market goods.
 trying to use chopsticks. (semi-successful with the chicken, unsuccessful with the rice)
not as good as i had hoped. the sea salt caramel one is far superior in flavor.
saturday morning trip to the market.
the flatiron building.
missing our guy.
i love waking up with the blinds wide open and the sun shining in.

but alas, he's back and i no longer have the bed to myself ;)

Friday, July 25, 2014

a kiss for 27...

the one thing i didn't post about my birthday was one of the gifts my parents got me, errr, rather made me. i had opened my gifts (a housecoat, pajamas, wine, some candy) and i thought that was it. but then my dad went and grabbed one last thing...

say what?!
a giant hershey's kiss!
delicious ice cream cake.

inside of the 'kiss' was a rice krispie square that my parents had made and dad molded and then they dipped in melted chocolate. you should know that hershey's kisses are one of my favorite chocolate treats (and m&m's); put a bag in front of me and i will eat it all. it's my kryptonite.  inside the white paper that sticks out, they had rolled some cash money! now i just have to find something special worth pending my birthday money on.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

the fault in our stars...

as i was putting my shoes on yesterday to walk out the door for class, i checked my email one last time, since this professor has a history of cancelling her classes last minute. what do you know, there was an email sent a whopping 2 minutes before that, and yes, class was cancelled. that meant i had an extra 2.5 hours at home before i had to leave.

i immediately knew that i would spend that time reading 'the fault in our stars', which my friend lent me over the weekend. i got my coffee ready, got comfy, and continued on. i was already 120 pages in from the day before, and i wasn't impressed, but i figured the second half had to pick up. after all, from everything i had heard, i was expecting to fall in love with the characters,  shed many tears, and just all around love it.

i finished the book and was overall disappointed. i didn't cry, i didn't feel connected to the characters, i didn't even like the characters! i felt they were far too wise and witty for their ages and it was all just too much. i guess the fact that it's a teen book didn't help - it was just too simple. afterwards i saw the movie, and surprisingly, it was no better. i thought it really dragged on, it was rather boring, and again, i didn't cry.

i guess this is why i stay away from the fad books. except 'gone girl', that one is amazing.

Monday, July 21, 2014

turning 27...

i turned 27 on saturday. i think that officially makes me in my late 20s, right? it must because i actually feel older now, and i can't say i've ever really felt older on any other birthday. while the getting older part may suck, birthdays involve presents, and that's always ok. i can fully admit that i am a very hard person to buy for, whether it's for a birthday, anniversary, christmas...i'm tough. i don't feel like i need anything and i'm just not someone who wants a lot of things either. unlike dylan, who at any given day of the year can run off a list of 20-30 things he absolutely needs/wants right this moment, when he asks me for ideas, i draw a blank. this could be a problem for some men, but lucky for me, dylan has pretty good gift-giving abilities. plus, i like a surprise.
woohoo presents. the biggest one was the lightest and i was told to leave that to last.
i'll wait and read this one in the lunchroom at the law firm while doing my placement ;) kidding.

my "you've got to be sh*tting me, what did you do" face.
an hermѐs bag?!

an interlocked ring.

he got it from a new vintage/consignment store - lxr & co - located in hudson's bay on queen street. we're not sure what year it's from, but it's still in great condition. i love it (and surprised he was able to find something that fit my ridiculously small hands) and am pretty shocked that i have a little orange box and bag in my possession. i'd say he's setting the bar pretty high.

Friday, July 18, 2014

calling all fashionistas...

with my school placement coming up in a few short weeks (and *fingers crossed* getting hired after that), i figured it was time to get out and get some new clothes. luckily, i'm not starting from scratch - i do have some dresses, tops, and pants already, but i did want to get a few other things to spruce up my wardrobe. since i have every wednesday off and my mom has been on vacation for the last 2 weeks, we went to the new outlet mall in niagara on the lake - outlet collection at niagara. it was ok, i didn't find they had a lot of stores i would typically shop in, but we made some purchases.

it started out pretty rough and i wasn't finding anything that i even remotely liked. then we went into dkny and hey! stuff i like! so i brought a whole whack of stuff to the change room and start trying stuff on. then comes the problem - it's all massive. even the smallest sizes. *this is also the store where the change rooms don't have locks and i had an employee open my door while i was in my bra and taking off a skirt and a guy was standing right there with her. no knock on the door first, the door just swung open. no apology either. awkward. why wouldn't change rooms have locks!?* we went to a few more stores where i had the same problem with the sizing. finally, we get to banana republic and they had a petite section! hallelujah! stuff is finally starting to fit and i was able to get a few things from there. 

rw&co, banana republic, and jacob.
 love the little flower details.
i've always wanted pencil skirts. the black one is not nearly as short it looks. promise.
for days when i don't feel like wearing heels.

in the end, we even went to another mall after and i had luck at one last store. this isn't a woe is me, i'm so tiny post, but rather venting my frustrating as a petite person and the lack of available office clothing. i already look younger than i am; i can't go in to a job dressed in clothes that are too big or aren't age appropriate. the few skirts i tried on that i really loved, i did consider getting them tailored, but the way the style was on each one, i knew it wasn't a possibility.

all this to say, are there any other petite women out there?? where do you shop for office type clothing? it's a law firm, so it's still fairly traditional. i want to keep it simple and clean for the first while until i really get a feel for how the other women are dressing.
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