Friday, August 22, 2014

1 down...

...3 weeks to go. i'm happy to report that my first week of placement is going well! my nerves have quickly melted away, and i actually look forward to going in. i've been sitting in a training room for the last 3 days, but yesterday afternoon i got to go up to my desk (! with my own nameplate !) and set it up a bit. i meet with a lawyer today, along with the other girl from my program that is at this place too, and that lawyer will be deciding which department we go to; either litigation or private services.

i love that my commute is now just a short walk, but i miss all the extra sleeping i got on the subway over the last year. i also love getting dressed up and actually looking closer my real age ;) my poor feet don't know what hit them since i'm wearing heels every day, but now that the blisters are gone, they're actually fairly comfortable!
outfit of the day for friday.

lastly, it's casual friday at the office, which means denim is totally ok; however, i don't feel comfortable meeting a potential boss in jeans, even though hr said it's totally cool. i'm bringing jeans for after the meeting, but we'll see if i even change. 

happy weekend! summer hours are in place so i finish at 4 today!

Monday, August 18, 2014

a good weekend indeed...

earlier in the week, we were trying to think of something to do on the weekend to celebrate me finally being done. we considered going to ottawa (but the weather said rain), we thought of camping (but it's not really that warm), and we checked out hotels in niagara falls (fallsview rooms cost $450+ on a saturday night. no thanks), but ultimately, because nothing was sounding that good, we just decided to stay here and spend some of that money we would have spent going away, on ourselves here. we saw two movies this weekend, the first being boyhood, which we both quite liked, and the next being guardians of the galaxy, which dylan loved and i didn't care for (not my cup of tea). we went out for coffee, we went out for dinner, we got library cards (!), and just spent time together in general. oh, and we even bought our first christmas present for someone!

the thing that had me feeling the most spoiled this weekend was a little purchase we made. i've been thinking of buying a new purse for work, something a little more structured and an upgrade from what i had. we're constantly checking out our new favorite store, lxr & co, but they hadn't had anything that caught my eye, until this weekend. we walked in and they had a whole new case of louis vuitton stuff that was just brought in. my eyes immediately fell to one purse in particular. the sales associate took it out, i scanned it over, checked out the condition (very good), asked how they authenticate things and such, and then told them we would think about it. it's the exact pattern and and size i've been wanting for a long time, so for them to have it there was kind of fate. after a quick wander around the mall, went back to pick her up.
 speedy 25 damier azur.

 i think the speedy 25 is the perfect size in proportion to my 5'2" frame.

this particular bag is from the 48th week of 2011, according to the date stamp inside. it's missing the little lock and key, which i may eventually buy on it's own, but we'll see. thanks to birthday money and dylan filling in the rest as a grad gift, this baby came home with me. he spoils me rotten, and i cook him really good dinners (most of the time), so we're basically even ;)

Friday, August 15, 2014


today i write my last exam for this program; as of 1pm, i am completely done! finito! this year has gone by incredibly fast, and i'm glad to have finally found something i (seem to be) enjoying. i came out on the top of my class, and i start an amazing placement on tuesday which will go for the next 4 weeks. i'm crossing my fingers extra tight that i will get hired on after that, as they've made it clear they do like to hire their students and build them from the ground up.

this program marks my second diploma, along with my degree. i can only hope that this is the end of the road school-wise, unless an employer wanted me to upgrade in the future. i have pretty high hopes that is this going to work out, though. i can now call myself a legal assistant! i might not have any experience yet to back that up, but it's coming. (related post here about deciding to apply)
 throw a party hat on - i'm done!
chloe isn't quite showing her excitement like i am.

we don't have any major plans this weekend to celebrate other than maybe going shopping tomorrow. i may or not treat myself to a grad gift, we'll see how generous i'm feeling. plus, it's my third time graduating post-high school, so it's not a huge deal, but it still feels like another accomplishment. yay!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

resting bitch face + live tv...

yesterday afternoon, my mom, my best friend, and her mom all came down to toronto and we went to a taping of the social. the doors open right at 12 with the show starting live at 1pm. after waiting in a small room for about 45 minutes getting the rundown and what to do (have fun! laugh! smack your knee! look to your left and right when laughing! use your phone and be 'social' on social media to interact with what they're talking about!) and what not to do (stare right in to camera, creep in your friend's screen time if you see them). the show started with guest co-host kevin o'leary, mega canadian businessman and also on the shows shark tank and dragon's den. then there were segments on products to make your life easier, shark week, and finally, it ended with the team that was eliminated on amazing race canada the night before.

now let's talk about being on live tv for a sec. holy nerve-wracking. my anxiety went through the roof and i had a hard time enjoying myself, to be honest. i was super tense and felt like i couldn't sit still. about half way through, i checked my phone during the commercial and dylan had started sending me pictures of us that he was taking while watching us at home. i'm telling you, we all looked awful!!! so uninterested, miserable, really tired (those bags under my eyes are wild), and just all around not good. and hilarious. you laugh and smile when they say something funny, but it's quite a challenge apparently to look engaged when you're just listening to a normal conversation. i shared the pictures with our little group and we all had a good laugh. thankfully, that loosened me up slightly for the rest of the show.
the much music/ctv building.
 on set!

our blue ensembles were not planned!
 commercial break.
 amazing race contestants.

and this, my friends, is how excited i looked on tv. there were a few shots of me laughing and smiling, but more of me looking like this. awesome.
we all needed a drink after being so tense so we went to a nearby mexican joint.
the audience received kevin's new book.

if i ever do go back to sit in an audience again, i've got some major practicing to do.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014


since classes ended last friday, i've pretty much been holed up in our condo, sitting at my computer studying away for exams. but studying for hours on end does no one good, so i took advantage of the beautiful weather the other day and got out for some much-needed fresh air. we're so lucky to live such a short walk down to the water; depending on the time, it can be bustling with people walking, biking, rollerblading, jogging etc., or super quiet and peaceful. depending on my mood, i appreciate both.
so the water isn't the clearest...
she's a happy girl.

the music garden.

after this walk, it was straight back to studying, and i haven't stopped yet.
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