Friday, November 20, 2015

living room makeover...

after 4 long weeks (that felt like an eternity) our new furniture arrived on wednesday! we were so happy to get that broken couch out of our place (story of said broken couch here). a week after we ordered the couch and chair, we went to pottery barn to look for throw pillows and blankets and left with that giant new coffee table. seriously, we did not measure it in store for some reason. when we put it in our place, it was probably double what thought it would be! oops. luckily, it still works in the space. and of course, we left with no throw pillows or blanket.

 the chair is probably me favorite addition.

a perfect reading spot.

we had our fingers crossed tightly that it would all arrive when it did since we have 3 or 4 christmas dinners with friends and family coming up (one tomorow). here is to furniture being delivered on time and kicking off the christmas season.

Monday, November 2, 2015

rick and morty halloween...

i'm going to take a shot in the dark and assume that not many people have heard of, or watch, the show rick and morty. dylan and his friends happen to love it and some of our friends had a rick and morty themed halloween party where everyone was encouraged to dress as characters. we went as the husband and wife team, jerry and beth. we blew up a google image on regular size computer paper and then glued it to a foam-like bristol board from the dollar store. it really could not have been an easier costume. i also tried to make these pretzel spider webs to bring, but even after a few hours the chocolate just did not want to harden again. but of course, when waking up the next day, they were perfect. darn.

 hi jerry.

 behind the scenes of beth.

happy halloween!

Monday, October 26, 2015

brother-in-law gets married...

i'm pretty delayed getting pictures of dylan's brother's wedding posted considering today is their one month anniversary! they had the most perfect weather (albeit a little windy) for an outdoor ceremony and they were one happy couple that day. because they didn't have a photographer, i had asked my mom to stop in when she dropped me off at dylan's parents and take a few pictures of everyone getting ready.

*picture overload*


when your heels are digging into the grass...
yep, still rocking the aircast

giving a helping hand. 
and switch. 

the fam. 
snuck in to see the reception before ceremony. 

mom and son. adorable. 
dylan with the mother of the bride.
anxiously awaiting his bride.
here she comes!

husband and wife!

yep, just a little windy.

he caught the garter! maybe we're next? ;)

Thursday, October 22, 2015

furniture hunt...

so what happens when you sleep on an ikea couch all day and all night for over 2 months because of a broken ankle? well your couch goes bust. it broke about 2 weeks ago but dylan turned it upside down and was able to "fix" it. we figured it was ok and we could start considering a new couch in the future. well over the weekend, dylan moved around and there went the couch.  it was beyond repair (for anything more than short term) so we had to spend our sunday furniture shopping. unfortunately, almost every place we looked had deliveries in the 4-6 week range leaving us with a pretty tight timeline to order something. we looked at eq3 first, then continued on down the street to a bunch of other stores, but we liked what we saw at the first place best, prices were decent, and our new furniture comes with a 25 year warranty on the frame! woohoo.  bonus? it's canadian made.

we decided to go with a slightly smaller sectional and because of that, we ordered a chair, too. it wasn't part of the plan, but while taking a walk around the store, this turquoise chair stood out to me. we have turquoise accents in our place and i knew we had to have it. had it have been black or grey or any other color, i probably would have walked right by it.

the winning couch.
that chair!
the grey swatch is what the couch will be and the turquoise is the chair (like above).

and now we wait until it's delivered. and hope our current couch holds up in the meantime.fingers crossed!

Monday, October 19, 2015

a new job...

after one year at my job, i decided to make a change. was i actively looking for a new job or even slightly considering moving? nope. a few weeks ago, my one boss called me into her office (i work for 3 partners). well, let me back up. it was a thursday and my boss asked me if she could take me out for lunch because i had been doing so well. i was honest with her and told her that i have had really bad anxiety for quite a while and haven't actually been able to eat out at a restaurant since late summer (that's a whole 'nother story). she was totally cool about it and said we could just grab lunch in her office the next day. 

the next day came and when we were in her office she told me that after 17 years with the firm, she had decided to move to a smaller firm and wanted to know if i would like to go with her. i was in total shock. she explained everything would be the same in terms of benefits, there would be a generous raise, the probation period would be waived and i would go right to permanent, and i had the weekend to think about it. i was completely flattered and knew it wouldn't be an easy decision. i work for and with some of the nicest people. i became pretty close to the girls in the section and i knew it would be tough to leave them. plus, i'm a creature of habit and i basically hate change. add in the fact that my anxiety has been really bad and hard to manage lately; was it really the best move?

i talked it over with dylan and we both agreed that it was a great opportunity. i'm going from a firm with 200+ lawyers and 6.5 floors, to approximately 60 lawyers and 1.5 floors. i'm leaving the heart of the financial district and working on bay street, and moving just a few blocks away. lucky for me, it's still totally walkable from home.

fun fact for those of you who watch the show suits: you know the main lobby that they film in? that's where i worked the last year (bay adelaide centre). we see them filming in and around the area quite often and i always get so excited. lucky for me, they also film around the office i'm moving to. 

well, today is my first day and in the words of ruby sue from christmas vacation, i'm shittin' bricks.
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