Friday, September 19, 2014

a fall list...

with fall just a few short days away, i figured i would make a fall list of things i would like to do this season. not to mention the weather has been perfect fall temperatures lately and i've been able to wear my trench coat all week! 
 makes me feel all grown up and stuff.
pumpkin spice latte...duh!

a few things on my list:

  • a drive to algonquin park on the weekend to check out the changing trees. it's about a 4 hour drive, so we'll make a day out of it and hike some of the trails. i'm following the color report and hoping that the weekend we plan to go, the weather will cooperate and it will be in 'near peak' or 'peak'. the park itself is massive - it's bigger than our smallest province (prince edward island) and about the same size as delaware!

  • apple picking. of course! we try to do this yearly, but i'm pretty sure we failed the last 2 years. i had thought about going this weekend, but it's calling for hot, wet weather. what's up with that??

  • a trip to cracker barrel. man, we love the heck out of that place. now that dylan has his passport again, we're good to go! i feel like i've been waiting for forever for him to renew it so we could get some biscuits and fried chicken.

  • a weekend trip to nyc? i can hope. it's been nearly two years since we've last been back, and i'm used to going yearly (sometimes 2x a year) and i'm getting the itch. 

  • have our pie-off. we totally dropped the ball on this, and i'm determined to still make it happen. maybe we could do an apple pie-off with the apples we pick?
that's pretty much all i got so far, but it's a start. 3 cheers for pumpkin spice lattes, crackling fires, and cozy sweaters. happy friday!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

camping at the pinery...

please remind me to never again go camping in september, especially when it's been a cooler summer. on friday evening, we arrived at our campsite at the pinery where our other friends already had a nice roaring fire going. even though it was pitch black already, lucky for us we just have one of those little pop-up tents that you literally throw and voila, it's ready! once that was done, we settled around the fire and tried to get warm because it was freezing!!

the days only reached highs of 13C and the nights went to about 8C. about 1am, i hit the sac when it started to lightly rain. but the worst was yet to come. around 5am i woke up and it was absolutely pouring. after falling back asleep, i woke again about 7 and me and dylan made the short drive to the bathroom (yes, we drove the 1 minute) to try and stay dry. once there, we thought, hey since we can't make coffee because we can't get a fire in the rain, let's go in to town and hit up a tim hortons and grab a box of coffee. once in town, we decided to stop for a nice warm breakfast at a small restaurant while all our friends were still sound asleep in the rain. we grabbed a box of coffee and headed back and woke everyone up.

we spent the rest of the afternoon stuck in tents; we played cards against humanity (love it), and then everyone played risk while i went back to our tent to read and nap because i hate that game. long story short, no one had much energy left the second night, and we called it an early night. we all spent the weekend cold and damp. granted, the rain did break here and there, but not for too long.

a break in the rain! checking out the grounds.
2nd place in cards against humanity, thank you very much. picture courtesy of our gopro in a pocket in the roof of the tent!

on sunday morning, it started clearing up, so after cleaning up our campsite, we took a walk to see the beach that we couldn't use.

while it wasn't a terrible time, the coldness didn't make it the best. we were prepared with lots of sleeping bags and blankets, but i'll still pass on september camping trips from here on out.

Friday, September 12, 2014

i did it...

the 4 weeks of my co-op have come to an end with today being my last day. all week i've been waiting with bated breath to see if i would be hired on. earlier in the week, i went to hr to bring my evaluation forms and she told me they "had a plan for me", but that she couldn't say more at the time. finally, yesterday at 4pm, i received a call to head down to her office. i crossed my fingers and made my way down. she presented me an offer for a 4 month contract, which is how they start everyone out, which will likely turn to permanent afterwards. i took it back upstairs to read over before i signed it, though i really didn't even have to think about it, i knew i would accept it! i'm absolutely thrilled that i finally have a career job, and it certainly doesn't hurt that the amount they offered me is a good chunk more than i was expecting!

currently, i'm not working for any particular lawyer and haven't been for my whole co-op. i'm going to stay put for now as 'overflow' in corporate law, but i'll likely be moved in the next few weeks. the options are either working for a new associate, or a really busy partner, but the choice isn't mine so i'll just have to wait and see.

i'm just thrilled that school has finally paid off and i was lucky enough that i was placed at a fantastic firm that was able to keep me on.

here's to being a working woman and bringing in an income! our life is about to get even better, and my life is becoming more like suits ;)

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

wine tasting afternoon...

the best part of the long weekend by far was going to a wine tasting at featherstone estate winery. my parents had passed by it earlier in the summer while going to other wineries and knew they wanted to take us to this particular one just because of the veranda. at featherstone, while you can do a quick tasting in the store part, the main feature is sitting on their covered wrap-around veranda and ordering various cheeses and meats and drinking wine. we were worried about the weather because while we were driving there, it was awfully dark, but towards the end of our meal, the sun came out.

but back to the veranda; it was so relaxing and peaceful. they had about 12 cheeses and 12 meats to choose from, and we went with 4 of each, along with hummus and dukkah. and of course you can't forget the three 1/2litre bottles of wine we ordered! the whole experience was a perfect way to end august; the only way it could have been better is had we gotten a table around the corner looking at the lush trees and vines, instead of a few cars behind us.

 check out the leaves on the ground. southern ontario thinks it's fall already.

oh dylan...

 the winery 'employs' about 10 or so sheep to eat leaves from the bottom of the grapevines. more about the sheep labour here. but here they are just wandering the property.

the family.

i would definitely recommend checking this place out, however, the veranda is now closed for the season. but give it a bookmark for next year, it's worth it.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

beginning of the end of summer...

i hope everyone had a great labour day weekend to wind down the summer. we headed out on saturday with some family to a pub for dinner and then back to someone's house for some snackies after. too much fried food (ok, just food in general), but that's what long weekends are for.
car seflie.

torches set at night.

after 3 glorious days off, it's back to reality and back to co-op. i'm at the halfway point and kind of just want to know if i'll be hired or i need to start tweaking my resume, you know? the wait continues. 
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