Tuesday, April 22, 2014

easter weekend...

this weekend was such a break from everything. we had 4 days of staying at my parents, enjoying the weather, and not doing a whole lot.
sunday morning mimosas.
and good ol tim hortons doughnuts.

spoiled by my parents - my loot in the front, dylan's in the back right, and ours to share in the back left. yonanas  is an ice cream maker that makes soft serve from frozen fruit!

i would say it's back to reality, but i'm lucky that i still have 2 weeks off.

Friday, April 18, 2014

long weekend...

i finished my exams yesterday (!!) and now have just over 2 weeks off to relax and enjoy. of course, the first morning i can wake up at whatever time i please without an alarm i'm awake at 6am. oh well. this weekend  will be spent with family, eating lots of food, and getting a few treats from the easter bunny on sunday :)

later on today we're heading to dinner with dylan's family and i'm bringing my favorite veg chili since they're having a fish fry and i won't be eating any of that. we'll have the whole traditional style easter dinner on sunday with my parents. to be honest, i really just look forward to the desserts ;)

now, there's nothing i love more than a pot of chili simmering on the stove. off i go to prep! 
enjoy your long weekend.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

high in the sky...

monday afternoon was such a weird day. it was absolutely pouring on my walk home and once i dried off, i kicked my feet up and laid on the couch for a bit. then i looked out our balcony door and noticed that this crazy fog was literally rolling in. it was quite odd to watch it moving that fast.

living above the fog.

the fog separated fort york below and the city across the water making for a pretty cool photo, i think.

it's kind of what i imagine the fog to be like in san francisco. also, did you know that the city has actually named it? 'karl the fog' is for real and he's all over twitter and instagram and i just find it hilarious.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

1 year ago...

i can hardly believe that one year ago today we got the keys to our condo; it's absolutely flown by.
there are a few little things that bug us about where we live, but overall, it's great. we've signed on for another year of renting here and then maybe after that we'll consider buying something.

 so weird to see it empty.

 i remember the first night sleeping over, without *any furniture*, like it was yesterday. sleeping on the floor with 2 blankets isn't exactly comfortable, but you do it because you're so excited.
 we only brought the essentials.
painting like the little painter i am.

i love that dylan now loves this city like i do and i think he finally gets why it stole my heart years ago. we're pretty lucky to be living in the best cities, that's for sure.

Monday, April 14, 2014

city tour guides...

while i did try to get a lot of studying done this weekend, i also tried to enjoy myself. right after finishing my first exam friday afternoon, we left to go meet dylan's family for dinner to celebrate his grandma's 80th birthday.
 1 exam down!

after dinner, dylan's brother came back to toronto with us to spend the night and after a boys night out at the bars (and getting in at 4am!), we all woke up early saturday morning and gave him a small tour of the city. we started with an early lunch at the st lawrence market, then made our way to the beaches. while we were walking, i noticed a couple of bernese mountain dogs (one of my favorite breads), and then a few more, to the point where i thought it couldn't just be a coincidence. i joked that there must be a berner meetup going on, and sure enough, we walked right in to it! there had to be about 100 of them and man, i felt like i was in heaven. i just wanted them all to come running at me so i could pet them all haha it's funny to see that many dogs that all look exactly the same.
they're everywhere.
 then we noticed this little random door. it was on a hinge and all.
 it had a few rocks and a cheeto inside. important stuff.
rock balancing.

lastly, we hit up the distillery district.

if you every get the chance to make it to balzac's coffee (especially the one in the distillery disctict, that's the best!), try the cafe canadien made with maple syrup...so good!
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