Thursday, October 30, 2014

winning this week...

all this week at work, we've had various events in support of united way. i contributed to the initial donation, which got me in to all the lunch-related events (pasta contest lunch with 9 different types to sample, sushi lunch, breakfast bar), but i've also bought 50/50 tickets and tickets for a lottery tree. there's also an auction going on; i've made a few bids, but been outbid every time, which is not surprising considering i work with lawyers and they have much more money than me :). but you know, i'll keep trying because i would love the ipad or a gift certificate to barre classes.

as for games, there's family feud, cutthroat kitchen pumpkin-style (friday!), a scavenger hunt (all week long), and a bingo game (yesterday afternoon). i made my way down and just happened to be one of the first 3 people to make a line, so i won a $20 coffee card to the place of my choosing! yesterday morning, there were hawaiian smoothies, fruit displays, kona coffee, and yet another raffle. once i got back to my desk after lunch, i received a email saying i had won something else - a$200 gift card to mcewan group. holy crap, i couldn't believe it! it can be used at any of the 5 restaurants, all of which are pretty fancy. it comes at such perfect timing with our anniversary being in november!

i didn't want to be a pig and take too much fruit, so i limited myself.
heck yes!

most important in all of this is the money that we're donating. so far, our firm has managed to raise over $125,000.00, which is incredible. that amount is about half way to the goal that's been set, so hopefully with the auction finishing tomorrow and the last few activities left, we'll finish strong!

Monday, October 27, 2014

graduation day...

on friday afternoon, i walked across a stage at school to receive my diploma from the legal admin program. even though i've already graduated from college and university before, i never went to any of the ceremonies. but i figured since this one got me a job, i would go and do it.

being ushered in.

high honours! what what!

what can i say, we value education.

i was pretty nervous throughout the ceremony, but i didn't fall across the stage, and i didn't pass out, so win! and now that that's done, i think the school life is officially behind me.

Friday, October 17, 2014

nuit blanche...

i found nuit blanche to be such a let down this year. while i think it's great that art is getting more and more people out to enjoy the city for a night, it's becoming too much. i felt there was much less art this year, and the number of people is just getting to be unbearable. anything i really wanted to see had a lineup, which is unfortunate, because we definitely didn't feel like waiting. overall, we lasted maybe 2 hours and then called it quits and went for ice cream and then a pitcher of sangria.
'i dont get it' - you heard that a lot through the night from the people in the crowds at the various installations. 

 thousands of beach balls made to be globes. each globe represented 1 million people and together represented the first and third worlds.
 getting "infected".
these people in hazmat-like suits 'indected' you with a pen that shows up in black light. they then gave you a small pen to go and 'infect' others. at midnight, everyone was to meet at a specific location to be cured. obviously, we didn't make it there, but it's a good thing because we were the idiots drawing inappropriate things on each other and they would have showed up for all to see when we were standing under giant black lights.
 the screaming booth. where one goes to release their frustrations in a crowded city.
 note: it was most definitely not sound proof like advertised!
 forest in the city. or something like that.
last stop - ice cream.

we tried, but in the end, ice cream wins over art. even if it was only 6 degrees that night.

Thursday, October 16, 2014


last night we went to go see bastille in concert with a few friends. while i certainly liked the band beforehand, i definitely wasn't in love with them; however, i'll say they definitely put on a good show.
 grizfolk opening the show.


along with their album songs, they sang a few new songs, sang a few covers (no scrubs by tlc), and of course, they finished the show with pompeii. bravo boys, it was a good night.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

thanksgiving hike...

on saturday morning, we woke up at my parent's house ready for a nice thanksgiving dinner later on. to pass some time, we decided to go on a hike. hamilton just happens to be the waterfall capital of the word (seriously) and since it had been years since we had been to webster's falls, that's where we decided to go.

after we chose the location, i remembered that that place was the very first hike i ever went on, and dylan was the one to take me. the year was 2006 and we took pictures in front of the falls; when i posted them on facebook, a bunch of people joked that they looked like engagement photos. we found that pretty funny, considering we weren't even officially dating yet.

almost there!

misty rainbows.

since i still have the picture of us in front of the falls hanging in my room at my parent's, i took a picture of it before we left so that we could try to recreate it. we had to wait a bit for people to leave the area, and it took a bit to find the perfect rock to place the phone on without it tipping over, but we got pretty darn close! (and thank you to the iphone 6 finally having a timer!!)
the original - such babies back in november 2006.
october 11, 2014. a little older, a little grayer, but we're still cute ;)

the hike was a perfect start to a weekend of stuffing our faces with mashed potatoes, stuffing, roasted veggies, pies, and more. and now that thanksgiving has passed, it's basically christmastime, right?
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