Tuesday, January 19, 2016

2015 in review...

i was walking the dog in the park over the weekend and i thought to myself, "i totally forgot to do a year in review post!" so here we are, nearly three weeks into the year and recapping 2015.

i was made permanent at work; i talked about us; we went rock climbing, and i started to perfect my chicken potpie.

we had a snow day, celebrated valentine's day, and went to niagara falls in the bitter cold.

we booked our first big trip, joined the adult world with a dining table, hosted a small dinner party with friends, and played catch up

we celebrated easter and i started a paint by numbers (which i have yet to finish)

we went to montreal, we went to italy, and we moved.

i got my first gig as a bridesmaid. and apparently i was just busy with life, because i didn't blog much in june.


celebrated my birthday early with my parents, caught up with some summer happenings, went camping, and went to new york city for my birthday.

my mom joined me for a long weekend, we went camping in tobermory, dylan broke his ankle, and we went to a wedding. 

it was my one year anniversary at work, we made delicious pretzels, chloe turned 8 years old, and my brother in law got married.

i got a new job, we dressed up as cartoon characters for halloween, and we went on a furniture hunt when our furniture broke.

our new furniture arrived, dylan got a new job, we celebrated 9 years together and had both parents for dinner for the first time

we got ready for christmas, we had a potluck with friends, and another one, we went to ottawa for the day, we went to the christmas market many times, and of course, we celebrated christmas

looking back, we really had quite the year. we moved, we both switched jobs, we went on plenty of trips...geez 2016, you have a lot to live up to.

Monday, January 11, 2016

we're going to...

ICELAND! this place has been on my list for years and i'm beyond excited. when we decided to book italy last year, sure i was excited, but it was never on the top of my list. did it end up being the best 9 days of my life, thus far? absolutely. hands down. without question. and i hope to return some say, but after seeing a lot of other places first. but iceland? after dreaming about this place for so long, this trip feels like a dream come true.

we were originally going to make it a stopover on our longer trip later in the year, but dylan suggested that we just make a trip of its own and so that's what we've done! we're just taking a long weekend in march and adding on an extra day (that way it's only one vacation day from work) and we know that it will be a jam packed weekend! we leave on a thursday evening, arrive early in the morning on friday (especially when you consider they are 5 hours ahead of us), and leave around dinnertime on monday. 

we already have so much tentatively planned and know we'll have to plan another trip in the future to make up for everything we will miss ;) renting quads and driving the mountains, glacier hiking, exploring reykjavik, horseback riding, seeing geysers and waterfalls, and (fingers crossed) seeing the northern lights. and hopefully we can make it to the blue lagoon, too. let the countdown begin. if anyone has been and has any suggestions, i would love to hear them!

Thursday, January 7, 2016


two weeks after chritmas already? guess it's about time i get a post together, ya? on christmas eve, i ended up leaving the office around 10:30, rushing home to pack everything up, and head back home for a few weeks. we started off with a visit to my grandma's, then to dylan's aunt and uncle's place for the majority of the night with dylan's brother and parents. after that, we went back to his parents to his exchange gifts with them. then! after that, we went back to my parents' for the night.

it's like santa's workshop. 
for dylan's side, we all had to wear onesies. 
it's christmas morning! 

books! i love my books.
i'll be honest. i was a little confused when i opened the fitbit. i had never mentioned one, didn't really even know what they were, and i definitely don't exercise. i had no idea why dylan got it for me and basically planned on returning it. then i started looking at it online, i realized i would give it a shot. i think it's fair to say, this thing has me obsessed with reaching all my goals! mostly the step goal. sorry for overreacting, dyl!

my mom really needed to replace her small purse camera, so an upgrade it was. along with a dvd and a bracelet. she's a tough one to buy for.
we tricked my dad into thinking we just got him a wireless speaker (he's wanted one since he saw dylan's)
nope! we had something big hiding in the bathroom the last few days.

a smoker! i think he was pretty stoked with it. and hey, dylan can't wait for some smoked meat in the spring.

now gifts from the parents. these iphone lenses are actually pretty cool and work great.
more books. i'll be kept busy for a while.

dylan's haul from my parents. games, video games, gift cards, luggage. he does well.
and finally some shared gifts. thing for around the home, gift cards, etc.

but the best gift...
was a beautiful hardcover flat lay book with thick pages of pictures of our trip to italy. amazing.
*book from picaboo*

well, that's it for christmas 2015. always a blast. until next year! 

Thursday, December 24, 2015

christmas eve...

it's christmas eve! we stopped by the market one last time before it closed down for another year. this time i made dylan wait in line to get a cute picture in front of the heart. worth the 5 minute wait i think ;) 

i hope everyone has a merry christmas! i'm off to work for a bit, but i hope to be gone long before the office closes at 1. we've got a busy day ahead and i can't wait!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

potluck #2...

i can never remember how long we've been doing this now, but i think my girl friends and i are on our 10th or 11th year of having a potluck. i remember last year being so incredibly hard to pick a date because we were all busy. it must have changed 3 or 4 times. this year, i started an event on facebook, offered to host, and picked a random date as a placeholder just so i could make the event. it was a christmas miracle because the first date i picked worked for the 5 of us. 
the best scalloped potatoes. (i use this recipe)
my friend did a mighty fine job on the meat and cheese plate.
trying to use the timer app and set up my phone results in one person being cu off! 

a night on the town afterwards.
having trouble keeping my eyes open. swear i'm sober.

how is christmas just days away??! i can't even wrap my head around it. unfortunately, i'm still at work this week right up to christmas eve. the office closes at 1, but i'm hoping to just go in, stay for maybe an hour and head home since neither of my bosses will be in.
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