Tuesday, September 2, 2014

beginning of the end of summer...

i hope everyone had a great labour day weekend to wind down the summer. we headed out on saturday with some family to a pub for dinner and then back to someone's house for some snackies after. too much fried food (ok, just food in general), but that's what long weekends are for.
car seflie.

torches set at night.

after 3 glorious days off, it's back to reality and back to co-op. i'm at the halfway point and kind of just want to know if i'll be hired or i need to start tweaking my resume, you know? the wait continues. 

Friday, August 29, 2014


the last long weekend of the summer is here! i'm hoping the weather cooperates since we have plans to go to a winery with my parents. other than that, i'll be savoring these 3 days off; the weekends mean so much more now that i'm "working" at my co-op. speaking of co-op, i'm now finishing up week two, and have two weeks left. it's slow at the office and there isn't a whole lot for me to do, but i'm told that it's because everyone is on the last of their summer vacations. the days kind of drag on, so i'm hoping it picks up next week. but i can't complain about the people; they've all been awesome and are helping me along the way with all my questions that come up.
 thursday's outfit.
living it up in skirts while the weather still permits.
and sometimes i get my eyeliner just right and it needs to be documented.

and on an unrelated note: about two weeks ago, we decided to get library cards at the new library by us! i haven't had a library card in years and i forgot how exciting it is to be able to walk around and pick out all the books i like for free! i had finished reading the cuckoo's calling last week and was excited to read the silkworm, but i didn't want to buy it until it came out in paperback (i dislike spending all that extra money on a hardcover, plus i have a lot of other books to keep me occupied in the meantime). so with my new library card, i decided to put my name on the wait list. little did i know that half of the city also wanted to read the book. i was number 701!!! within 2 days, i had gone down to 683, i guess a bunch of people keep dropping off the list realizing it will probably take 4-6 months or so.

but then there's dylan, who thinks it's silly to wait on a list that long and is the spender of our relationship. i met him outside of work yesterday and i saw he a bag from the bookstore. i kind of rolled my eyes because i figured he had picked up yet another book for himself that will just sit on his shelf and get dusty (sorry dyl, it's true!), but i was happy to open the bag and see that he bought the book for me. no more wait list for me!

enjoy labour day weekend, i know i will! 

Monday, August 25, 2014

chop chop...

over the last week or so, i had been thinking about what i wanted to do with my hair. now that i have to look professional and put-together on a daily basis, my long-ish, limp, lifeless hair was needing a change. i was growing it long simply for a change, not because i necessarily liked it. i'm not one that can style my hair either, with the curly/wavy ends that are in now, so basically it was always straight, in a ponytail, or in a bun. not to mention the dead ends since it's been probably 2 years since a cut! *yikes* i knew it was time to freshen it up and chop it off.

unfortunately, it's getting harder and harder to get to my regular hair dresser who i've been going to for about 13 years or so (in another city). i ended up going to a place close by me where i've gone twice before, even though i paid an arm, a leg, and my first born. i'm finally back to the blonde that i love after my brunette stint in the winter, and it feels so healthy.

but the game-changer in all of this? dyed eyebrows! for years, i had always considered it, but never said it out loud to my hair dresser because i was just too chicken to do it. but when my hair was nearly done this time, the stylist was like, "we need to do your brows. they're a little harsh." i think the look of slight horror across my face told him i was little unsure, but he assured me it would only be a shade or two, and that eyebrow hair falls out all the time and in a few weeks, my regular hair will be back. honestly, i had no idea that we lost eyebrow hair. i told him to whip it up and let's do it. turns out i absolutely love it! it softens my face and makes the blonde look more natural. i think i'm an eyebrow dying convert for life.
brows-a small but good change.

Friday, August 22, 2014

1 down...

...3 weeks to go. i'm happy to report that my first week of placement is going well! my nerves have quickly melted away, and i actually look forward to going in. i've been sitting in a training room for the last 3 days, but yesterday afternoon i got to go up to my desk (! with my own nameplate !) and set it up a bit. i meet with a lawyer today, along with the other girl from my program that is at this place too, and that lawyer will be deciding which department we go to; either litigation or private services.

i love that my commute is now just a short walk, but i miss all the extra sleeping i got on the subway over the last year. i also love getting dressed up and actually looking closer my real age ;) my poor feet don't know what hit them since i'm wearing heels every day, but now that the blisters are gone, they're actually fairly comfortable!
outfit of the day for friday.

lastly, it's casual friday at the office, which means denim is totally ok; however, i don't feel comfortable meeting a potential boss in jeans, even though hr said it's totally cool. i'm bringing jeans for after the meeting, but we'll see if i even change. 

happy weekend! summer hours are in place so i finish at 4 today!

Monday, August 18, 2014

a good weekend indeed...

earlier in the week, we were trying to think of something to do on the weekend to celebrate me finally being done. we considered going to ottawa (but the weather said rain), we thought of camping (but it's not really that warm), and we checked out hotels in niagara falls (fallsview rooms cost $450+ on a saturday night. no thanks), but ultimately, because nothing was sounding that good, we just decided to stay here and spend some of that money we would have spent going away, on ourselves here. we saw two movies this weekend, the first being boyhood, which we both quite liked, and the next being guardians of the galaxy, which dylan loved and i didn't care for (not my cup of tea). we went out for coffee, we went out for dinner, we got library cards (!), and just spent time together in general. oh, and we even bought our first christmas present for someone!

the thing that had me feeling the most spoiled this weekend was a little purchase we made. i've been thinking of buying a new purse for work, something a little more structured and an upgrade from what i had. we're constantly checking out our new favorite store, lxr & co, but they hadn't had anything that caught my eye, until this weekend. we walked in and they had a whole new case of louis vuitton stuff that was just brought in. my eyes immediately fell to one purse in particular. the sales associate took it out, i scanned it over, checked out the condition (very good), asked how they authenticate things and such, and then told them we would think about it. it's the exact pattern and and size i've been wanting for a long time, so for them to have it there was kind of fate. after a quick wander around the mall, went back to pick her up.
 speedy 25 damier azur.

 i think the speedy 25 is the perfect size in proportion to my 5'2" frame.

this particular bag is from the 48th week of 2011, according to the date stamp inside. it's missing the little lock and key, which i may eventually buy on it's own, but we'll see. thanks to birthday money and dylan filling in the rest as a grad gift, this baby came home with me. he spoils me rotten, and i cook him really good dinners (most of the time), so we're basically even ;)
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