Wednesday, December 17, 2014

my poor chloe...

as this post goes up, chloe will likely be in the middle of surgery. about a week ago, she peed in the house, which was totally weird, since she hasn't peed in the house since she was a puppy in the middle of house training.  a few days later she did it again, after just having been out for a pee two hours before. it wasn't until we had fresh snow on the ground and she was peeing on white (instead of grass or pebbles) that i thought i noticed a slight bit of pink at the end of her pee. when i saw it again, i knew i wasn't imaging things the first time. she was also trying to pee a lot, but with nothing coming out.

my parents came for a visit on saturday (4 days after the first house accident) and i told them they had better take her home and take her to the vet to see what's up. when my mom went to go check on her on lunch on monday, she found two stones in the house, presumably kidney stones. back to the vet she went and after an xray yesterday, the vet suggested surgery right away, as there 6-7 more stones still in her. and so here we are today.

she said that all should go well, and it won't be much worse for her than when she was spayed. afterwards, her diet will be changed and she'll be on some antibiotics for a bit. her stones will be sent off to see if they're hereditary or something else. 

i know she's a trooper and she'll be fine, but it still makes me so upset to think of the pain that she's probably been going through. the vet said there was nothing i could have noticed sooner, as dogs don't usually show pain, so that made me feel better. i'm also sad that i can't be there with her today, but i know she's in good hands.

*positive thoughts*

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

christmas glow...

our tree is up, our stockings are hung, and the presents are mostly wrapped. our tree has actually been up since early november (mentioned here) because we bought a new tree and the ornaments to go with it one random day and when we got home, we realized we had nowhere to store everything. so up it went!
 stringing the lights.

 the fireplace was keeping us toasty! ;)
some assembly required.
 a lot of animals. 

 oh hey, santa.

his & hers.

with christmas inching closer and closer, we just have a few last things to buy and prepare for, like hostess gifts and planning what food we're going to take with us to a few upcoming parties. tis the season.

Friday, December 5, 2014

christmas market...

last weekend before getting to our christmas shopping, we made a stop at the distillery district's christmas market. there's food, art, ornaments, gifts, lights, and everything in between all set up like a european market.

as we were leaving, a guy asked if we wanted a (free) ride back to our car in a rickshaw. because it was cold and we had a bit of a walk, we took him up on the offer. it was a little scary, but he was a funny guy making us laugh while taking us through traffic. 

19 days until christmas!

Monday, December 1, 2014

tea convert...

i've always been a coffee-loving gal. it starts my day, it keeps me warm in the winter, and it gets me through the afternoon sluggish time between 2-3pm (even though coffee has no effect on me. like, i can drink an espresso in bed at 11pm and be asleep by 11:05pm). tea has never done anything for me, and for the most part i would stay away from it. the odd time, i would try a new flavor, because i wanted to like tea, but it just never happened. i was moved to a new floor at work and this floor happens to love tea, meaning that every day, a different type of tea is made at 11am and an email is sent out saying which kind is ready. a few times i've tried a little bit in the hopes of liking it, but no.

however, that all changed saturday. after a day of shopping with dylan, we finished off at one last mall. we got thirsty and debated between davidstea (right beside us) or starbucks (just down the hall). we chose davids and walked in only to  be greeted by friendly and helpful staff. one of their samples was called 'sleigh ride' and while i was skeptical to try it, i'm glad i did because it was a life changer! a tea i liked!! the few staff we were chatting with couldn't believe neither of us had had a davids experience before, and especially that i didn't like tea. needless to say, we stocked up on a few essentials to get us started and i think we may be tea converts.

sleigh ride, you convinced me there are good tasting teas out there.

we certainly won't be giving up our morning coffee, but this is definitely a new alternative!

Friday, November 28, 2014

black friday...

i hope all my american friends had a good thanksgiving! now that canada has decided to join in with the boxing day sales, some of our malls were open extremely early today and some stores even had sales starting a few days ago. i'm happy to report that the majority of our shopping is done; we only have 3 gifts left to buy! i finished shopping for dylan about 3 weeks ago, and now i only have his stocking left to buy for. i'm pretty sure he's barely started on me, but he's got ~1 month, so we're still good!
still need some bows, but presents!!

i think we may venture to the mall once i'm done work today, but i'll see how busy it is at lunch first. unless the sales are dynamite, i'm not in to it, and i haven't seen any deals that are really grabbing my attention.

christmas countdown: 26 days.
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