Friday, September 4, 2015

1 year...

it's hard to believe that i just celebrated a year at my job. i figured my anniversary was coming up, but i couldn't quite remember the day. then one day last week, i saw my name on the homepage with a small congrats. a year! i remember walking into my first day of co-op and basically wanting to throw up from nerves. well, here i am. a year in and still learning something new every day.

i got home from work yesterday, checked the mail, picked up a small package and figured dylan had ordered himself something online. turns out it was a little surprise for me! an adorable little stapler necklace to celebrate 365 days. a perfect fit (since i do a lot of stapling during the day ;)).

please note dylan still sleeping in the background this morning.

now on to the next 365 days.

ps. happy long weekend! 

Thursday, September 3, 2015

wedding season...

i just love going to weddings. the food, dancing, the people - it's all good. dylan managed to pull himself together and came to the reception portion of my cousin's wedding. he certainly wasn't able to dance the night away, but i think it was just nice to get out of the house for a few hours since he had been cooped up for two weeks.
 my cousin had surprised his fiance with a horse and carriage ride to the church because she had always dreamed of that since childhood. how sweet is that?

 we got him dressed and out of the house!

 shoe game strong.
 they must have been laughing about something and i'm giving them the eyes.

it was a beautiful wedding and congrats to the happy couple! next up: dylan's brother's wedding in 3 weeks!! 

Friday, August 28, 2015

camping in tobermory...

one of my favourite weekends this summer was a short camping trip up to tobermory. we left friday morning and arrived just in time to check in to our site. we stayed in the cyprus lake campground in bruce peninsula national park putting us about a 5 minute walk to the water and about a 25 minute walk to the famous grotto. 
let's go!
 there's that 10 person tent again.

queen size mattress for scale.

relaxation. just what i needed.
so peaceful.

we took a walk over to indian head cove once we set up, but we only stayed a short bit before turning back to make dinner.

saturday started with pouring rain which led to a late start, but it ended up clearing up nicely.

the most beautiful water.

he just had to have the snorkel gear.

moving along to boulder beach.

working on my tan, but it didn't really happen.

sadly, this was the last of our summer plans. we've got a couple weddings coming up, but other than that, all of our weekend road trips are done! which is probably a good thing considering dylan is basically stuck in the house the next few weeks. all in all, i think we kept busy with weekends away most of the summer and i have no complaints about that! 

Monday, August 24, 2015

camping we will go...

back in july we rounded up a few friends and went camping at elora gorge. there was s'mores, bbq food, cards against humanity, bocce ball, and a little reading by the fire. the weather was semi-cooperative (the rain held off for the most part, but of course it was the sunniest and hottest on sunday when we were leaving), but the mosquitoes were out in full force.
the walk-up to our super private campsite. 

 being put to work.
 guys, i got this.
 our giant 10-person tent blocks the other two in behind.

campfire goodness. 

best part of a fire, amiright?
starting the morning off reading and boiling water for coffee. 

bocce tournament! 

home bound with crazy bun hair.

summer is quickly winding down and i'm slightly behind on posting, but i should have a little more time now that we're kind of stuck in the house because of  dylan's ankle!
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