Thursday, February 19, 2015

niagara falls in winter...

having family day off this past monday, i tried to think of something we could do to end our nice weekend together. paying no mind to the fact that it was approximately -20 degrees celsius, we decided to go check out the falls (thinking maybe they were frozen) and make a quick trip to the casino. unfortunately,  the casino was a bust and we lost the little bit we went in with in about 1.5 minutes playing war.

canadian falls from the skylon tower. 
pretty sure the american falls were frozen. 

the amount of ice on the railings gets much thicker the closer you get to the falls.

wintery wonderland. 

i can't believe how turquoise the water looked.
ice. lots of ice.

shards of ice flowing.

even though it was so cold, there were still plenty of people around looking at the falls. it's so different than seeing it in the summer, and certainly beautiful (if you can look past a few frozen fingertips).

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

valentine's day...

this valentine's day was a good one; we spent the weekend together just enjoying some quality time. we're not big in to this holiday, all i really ask for is a card every year. this year, dylan went a little beyond that.

while walking home from work on friday, i was listening to music on the spotify app. all of a sudden, my music just changed to one of my favourite songs; hall and oates - you make my dreams come true. i knew right away that dylan had changed it from at home on his computer and it put a huge smile on my face. as soon as i walked in the door, i saw a huge display sitting on our cabinets.

 hershey's kisses and twix. 2 of my favourite chocolates.
 nom,nom, nom.

we also went and saw fifty shades of grey on friday night. i had never read the books and didn't really know much about the story line, except what's been talked about in the media the last few weeks. i have to say, i didn't find it half bad and the ending left me saying, "that's where it ends?!"

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

the weekend...

this weekend was pretty relaxing. dylan was in los angeles for work for a few days last week (lucky boy!) and got home friday around dinner time. we went out to eat once i got in from work and once we got back home at 7:30, he went right to bed for a 'nap' and woke up the next day at noon! ha the combination of 3 hour time difference (la being 3 hours behind us) and his 4am wake up call to get to his flight left him exhausted. 
once he woke up saturday, we took a walk around the city, grabbed some coffee to warm up, went to the park, and just browsed some stores.
 it was a snowy, cloudy day.

after walking around a bit, we met dylan's brother at the train station and they went to go play paintball with a bunch of friends. what's a girl to do with the house to herself for a few hours on a saturday evening? well, why not make a funfetti cake and watch a few movies? i watched dan in real life (it was quite good, i liked it), and one of my favorite movies - in good company. the boys then came home from paintball and couldn't stop talking about how much fun it was, but also how much it hurt. dylan came home covered (aad still is) with welts and bruises. he keeps trying to convince me to join him next time because 'it's sooo fun' and then i look at his bruises and think, no thanks, dyl. better not.

Monday, February 2, 2015

snow day...

well, well, well. it appears that the second day of february has brought us a huge blizzard! i always find that the big storms come around valentine's day, but i guess this one decided to come a little early. the thing about being an adult is that you don't technically get snow days. well, maybe you do, depending where you work. but as soon as i took chloe out for her pee this morning, i knew that i would be using one of my sick/personal days today. when the snow is higher than my boots (meaning that even boots won't keep my feet dry), it's calling for another 10-15cm of snow throughout the day, and i walk to work, i'm staying put on my couch. not to mention, it's like, -25 out there.

a few days ago - ~8am; nice clear sunny morning and pink skies. 
yesterday - ~5pm; dark and gloomy, storm coming our way.
this morning - ~8am; blizzard.

yesterday was pretty darn cold too, and it snowed a little which means it was the perfect weather to make us a nice chicken potpie again. to top it off, i even made brownies for dessert! 

so, i'm ff to go hang out on my couch, read a book, and stay warm/dry and enjoy this unexpected extended weekend.

Monday, January 19, 2015

rock climbing...

yesterday we met up with a couple friends to try out rock climbing for the first time. we went to true north climbing and started off with an introductory lesson for about an hour. we learned how to put the harness on, tie the proper knots, and how to be a good belayer (the person on the bottom controlling the rope). after that, we got our little cards proving we know what we're doing and we were free to stay as long as we wanted. i stuck to the easier walls and colored rocks, but i think i did pretty well for my first time, even though i never made it to the top. it's scary up there! dylan, on the other hand, was basically a pro right away and scaled the walls no problem.
and he's off.

he also managed to shimmy his way up this weird wall in like, 1 minute.
look at those muscles on me! (kidding)

 i think the more challenging part for me was being the belayer for dylan. there's a rather significant weight difference between us and it took some time getting used to bringing him down from the top and not feeling like he was going to lift me off my feet! i just have to trust the ropes and the lever and go for it. overall, it was a pretty fun experience. if it wasn't out in the middle of nowhere (35 minute drive from us downtown), i would easily say we would go more often, but we'll see. 
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