Friday, June 8, 2012

weekend of the dogs...

this weekend is going to be a good one. summer weather is here, and that means that the festivals are starting up. on saturday, dylan and my parents and maybe a girl friend of mine, are coming up to go to woofstock (hoping the rain holds out!). last year was a blast and i'm looking forward to a lot of free stuff for chloe. honestly, if you love dogs, this is basically the best thing ever; they're everywhere! from the talent shows, to the costume contests, to the dogs frolicking in fountains to beat the heat, it's great.
chloe and her 'cousin', rocker dog, circus dog, and well, i just have no words.

plans for sunday include the annex festival on bloor; street performers, crafts and booths, food, and more. and then after a quick walk around the festival, we're going to hit up west elm. now this, i am excited for.  i have heard about this store from you american bloggers and last week i thought i would take a look online. well, i fell i love. no doubt, because i found out it's a sister company of pottery barn and williams sonoma (my 2 favorite stores). i figured the shipping wasn't too bad if we found stuff we fell in love with. i was telling someone at work and he let me know there's one here in toronto. you have no idea how excited i was. i've got my eye on a particular bedding set, a throw blanket and a throw pillow or two. lets shop! 

one last thing: also cause for celebration? it's my last shift at work today! 

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