Wednesday, June 6, 2012

barista life...

yesterday was 'partner appreciation day' at work. we all got t-shirts to wear, we get an extra discount for the week, there was pizza, candy and all that jazz. and truth be told, i'm glad i was able to score a free shirt before i left (final shift friday!).
new t-shirt =new shirt to wear to bed.
a mug i picked up to remember my time there ;)

who likes those darn frappuccinos? i personally find them way to sweet, so i'll only drink the espresso or coffee frappuccino the odd time. but, this girl came in yesterday and asked for the weirdest combination. it was dead, so we were all looking at the cup and thinking "oh dear, that's disgusting". of course, we had to make a little extra for ourselves to try ;) anyways, it was milk up to the first line on the cup (yes, those lines serve a purpose to us), apple juice to the second line (yeah, apple juice and milk. barf), caramel syrup, cinnamon dolce syrup, ice and the cream base. blend that baby up. i was the guinea pig and they made me try it first. i felt like i was on fear factor and i was wincing at the thought of trying apple juice and milk together. also note, i do not drink milk and haven't since i was 2 or 3. with the exception of latte's and in coffee, and what not. basically, i just won't drink a glass of milk. so, i take the smallest sip, and i'm all, "THIS TASTES LIKE APPLE PIE!" then everyone else went to pour themselves a taste and we all kind of flabbergasted. it was bang on. turns out, when the girl ordered it, she called it an apple pie frappuccino. so, if you care to try it, now you know. i still would never drink more than a few sips, though.

you know what else has bothered me the whole 8 months i've been there? we can't wear nail polish! i've gotten over the ugly shoes, the dressing in black, and wearing my hair back and everything else, but i have not gotten over the nail polish ban. the only way i don't bite my nails is when they're painted, so you do the math. if i had more than 1 day off in a row, you can bet my nails were painted. plus, i have such tiny nails that they just look better painted. as of friday, i can again wear nail polish as much as i want. all day. every day. it really is the little things.


Amanda said...

2 more days until your last shift! I can't believe it! And an apple pie frappucino sounds mighty tasty to me :) I haven't had time to paint my nails since the move (my nails were destroyed) and now Louie, the crazy puppy!

Amber said...

It tasted like apple pie? I want to order one now, haha!

Sarah said...

No nail polish?! That would of killed me!!! Have fun on your last shift!!

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