Monday, June 11, 2012

dog lovers dream...

woofstock was a blast, yet again. it's so exciting that no matter where you turn, you see hundreds of frolicking dogs and copious amounts of free stuff. ranging from food samples, full bags of treats, milk bones, bandanas, and poop bags, there was no shortage. my parents drove in with dylan and my girl friend met us down there. now, this was a huge deal for my dad to come. in the 5 years that i've been in toronto, he never walked more than the short distance of parking the car on the street and walking to my place. he honestly fears being gunned down. ridiculous, right? i know. only his love of dogs got him to walk around the city before i leave ;)
 the day started with a little rain, but it was all good. and don't my dad and dylan look like little twin/big twin? lol
 pretty poodle with her pink nails.
 cousins olive and chloe.
 i'm lookin' pretty haggard here.
 well, this is what you get at woofstock.
 little cuties.

 olive loves the attention.
a little lasagna for lunch.
 cooling off.
 helmet? check. aviators? check? motorcycle? check. one cool dude.

 cutest little puppy.
 you don't get more tuckered out than this. tongue hanging out on the cement; out cold.
so.much.stuff. thanks to the extra hands this year (and the bag i came prepared with to stuff it all in), we were able to get her a lot more!
 of course i set all her free stuff up like it's christmas morning.

 when i say they give away a lot of stuff, i'm not lying. swag swag! plus countless reusable cloth bags.
a little treat. love her teeth in the first one.

i think i'm set for poop bags for a long time to come. and treats in general. if you're in the toronto area, i highly suggest you check this out next year! it's a total blast. can't wait for the winter version in november! (last years post here)


Unknown said...
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SociallyGreen said...

Okay, so this is the coolest thing I've EVER seen in my life. I'm such a 'dog-mom'. Lil' lime green socks and neon-pink toe polish. My dog is in for it this weekend!! lol

The Michelle Show said...

Um what the what?? A fellow GTA blogger? The shock! The surprise!

My in laws were actually at Woofstock this weekend haha

Amanda said...

This would have been so much fun, now that we have Louie! Although, he's still pretty shy around other dogs... He's growing out of it though!

Sarah said...

The motorcycle dog is killing me with cuteness! Haha, I love this!

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

omg! what an adorable event. Why don't we have cute events like that here? tsk tsk

Anonymous said...

this looks like so much fun. and the amount of swag chloe scored is unreal! looks like i'll have to borrow my cousin's pug and rough coated collie for the day and go to the november one!

Meghan said...

Ahh! What a fun event! And that dog - holy color, batman!

Clarinda said...

You got some great pics of some really fun dogs. Lucky Chloe! What a haul.

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