Monday, May 7, 2012

nyc: day 1...

unfortunately, we're back for our trip :( vacations go by too fast, no? but, it's good to be home. we had an amazing time, as expected, and we were sad to leave. now, on to the good stuff. the bus got in shortly after 10am, we lugged all our stuff to the apartment, and then went out for breakfast while they were getting the room ready for us. the sun was out, it was a beautiful day, and we were ready to get started.
 sunday night-ready to go! we do this picture every year.
 monday morning after a quick change and getting freshened up.
 we went back to our favorite breakfast spot we found last year; mud.
 great, giant cups of delicious coffee.
 brunch includes your choice of wicked food, coffee and mimosas. all for $14. amazing.
 i opted for the almond crusted sourdough french toast topped with fruit. to die for.
 and dylan got the huevos rancheros. also to die for.
breakfast + beer you dirty bastard.
 after breakfast we checked in. like last year, we stayed here again, just a different suite.
 for some reason, our room had 2 beds!
the 2 beds meant no tv. oh well. we made due with a computer and barely being home anyways.

i really wish we had that coffee shop here in toronto, but at the same time, it makes it a nice treat to look forward to when we're in nyc. but man, that breakfast is good. next up: an afternoon in central park.


Naghmeh said...

ahhh I love travel diaries! I'm doing one on my blog now too but mine is for Miami :)
I love love that breakfast place, next time I'm in nyc I'm definitely going there and your hotel looks so cute! going to have a look at that too!
can't wait to see the rest of your trip:)

Kelsey said...

oh so jealous! That suite is amazing!

Amber said...

Almond crusted french toast? Holy crap, that sounds amazing!

The room y'all stayed in is so adorable!

Kirsty said...

looks amazing, I am going to NYC in October on honeymoon iv never been but i know I will love it!

lovely blog x

kirsty x-

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