Tuesday, May 8, 2012

nyc: day 1, part 2; central park...

i love central park. it's so big, and green, and lush, and full of flowers, and romantic..and i could go on and on. we knew we wanted to rent a rowboat, but weren't quite sure where to go. we could see the rowers but it took us a good 45 minutes of walking the path, looking at the map, walking a little further, looking at another map, and on and on, until we finally made it to the boathouse. the best part? it was only $12 to rent a boat for an hour. i was a little nervous we would tip, as i had never been in a little boat like that before, but i kept my nerves in check and we did a-ok!

row row row your boat.

everyone relaxing and enjoying the scenery.

hilarious picture i took of myself having a great time and when we looked at it, dylan looks like he's really struggling lol

that's my man.
trees. trees everywhere.

and then it was my turn to try and row. i obviously am a pro.
being cute.

clearly, we worked up a sweat from rowing and it was time for dinner! we checked out s'mac, which was only a couple blocks from our place. yet another place that i heard about from a cooking show. boy was that some good mac and cheese! i stared at the menu for a good 10 minutes. how could i possibly choose between all the options?!? i wanted every.single.one of them. guess that means we'll just have to go back ;)
for me: the mediterranean (goat cheese, sauteed spinach, kalamata olives and roasted garlic); oh my word.
and for dylan: the cajun (cheddar and pepper jack cheeses, andouille sausage, green pepper, onion, garlic, celery, and cajun seasoning). i tried it. i approved, too.
i want more! right now!

and here's a little video dylan put together of us on the boat and a few scenes from the park. it got windy at one point, which is a little annoying, but what are you going to do?

even though we had to be up way too early the next day, we still decided to go to the movies; a late show at that. it's kind of tradition that we see a movie or 2 while we're in nyc. we saw 5 year engagement (and both loved it) at a beautiful old theatre (east 2nd at 12th i believe? in the east village) that must have been an old theatre for plays or something. i've never seen a movie in something so ornate.  


Why Girls Are Weird said...

Oh my gosh, I am mucho jealous, looks like so fun!

Joslin said...

What a fun day! I want to rent a rowboat someday. Of course my husband's not so into the idea since he'll be doing all the rowing, but it looks so romantic.

Amber said...

A placed that serves all different kinds of mac & cheese? I'm in! Looks delicious! That vid Dylan made is so cute! Good memories :)

Unknown said...

just stopped by, and I am so jealous you went to New York. I love that place, but I went when the lake was frozen, so no boating for me!

Suzi x

daniela said...

I cannot wait to go back to NYC to experience it in spring/summer...so so so so so (etc) wonderful! Unf not this year :(

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