Sunday, May 6, 2012

instagram roundup...

another sunday is upon us. the weird thing is i'm working (and yesterday, too). i haven't worked a weekend in months, but i suppose my manager put me in to give me hours since i was away all week, so i appreciate that. i can't wait to start posting about nyc and washington this week and get this blog away from a lot of instagrams and phone pictures and seems to have become lately! that being said, here's the latest...
boats; my favorite view; a beautiful movie theatre in the east village (nyc); and a lone jogger on a bridge.
candy for the trip; saturday morning comics; "oh, you can see me?"
waiting at the bus station; go find your own luggage! (luggage tag)

enjoy your sunday! the sun is shining bright here in toronto today :)

1 comment:

Courtney B said...

LOVE your pictures!!

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