Wednesday, May 16, 2012

live music on a tuesday...

last week, i went with a few of my girl friends to a bar to watch one of their cousins and his band play a show. not one to pass up live music (and no cover charge at that), we had ourselves a good time on a tuesday night. they compared themselves to the strokes, and i must say, they were pretty good.

turned a dress into a shirt. watch out fashion bloggers!

another positive thing about moving back home-seeing more of my girl friends. yeah, i could used to that.


Leanna Vera said...

Is that dress you turned into a shirt from Express? I think I have it! How did you turn it into a shirt...I love that idea!

Kim Humes said...

We have a Seahorse Tavern here in Halifax and the name of this place reminded me of it lol. Love live music!

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