Tuesday, May 15, 2012

nyc: day 4; the last day...

our last day in nyc started with a little bit of trouble. well, first we went back to mud again for breakfast. i was tired of all the fried, heavy food, so i got oatmeal. holy massive bowl  of oatmeal topped with cinnamon, slivered almonds and fruit. you know quaker oatmeal single packages? i kid you not, it must have been 8-10 packages. so good.
 the problem on the last day is always where to store the luggage. where we stayed, the office closes at 5, and with our bus leaving at 10pm that would have left us with 5 hours wasted hanging around with our luggage. we normally take it to a hotel that shall remain nameless and keep it in their storage (even though it's supposed to be for guests only), but they changed their procedures and we weren't able to do it. so, we found a luggage storage place nearby and were finally on our way. we made our way down to the financial district, checked out century 21 (hate that store) and a few other stores. then when we started to get hungry, we made our way to brooklyn for grimaldi's. after having it last year, there was no doubt we had to go back. they moved next door (luckily not far or we would have gotten there and been dumbfounded at seeing an empty store), and were prepared for a long line. while there was a long line, it moved surprisingly fast; an hour last year to only about 20 minutes this time.
 the new location.
 the lineup we were prepared for.
 it's here! it's here!
 "take my picture so i can dig in.'

 doesn't get better than this.
finito! 4 pieces each; needless to say, i was stuffed.
 somehow he had room for ice cream.

 *notice his claw hand on my shoulder*
look at this snazzy fella.
 grey skies over the city.

we hung out on the bench for half an hour; he napped in my lap, i read.
miniature cupcakes! the size of a toonie! 
so so good. and the red velvet makes my top 3 ;)

this marked the end of yet another nyc trip. i can't believe it was our 5th time together (and my 10th, i think?). i'm not lying when i say i love that city and i think i was born in the wrong place. although america is a little too backwards and i probably wouldn't want to live there in reality ;) i like my country where everyone is equal and the healthcare is good. anyways, i'm getting off track. bottom line is that it sucked to leave, and i can't wait until i'm there yet again.


daniela said...

I'm sad we weren't able to try Grimaldi's when we were there but when you said "a long wait" we weren't prepared for that long of a wait. Standing outside. Hopefully re-locating = the place is bigger now :)

And let the next countdown begin! haha

Leanna Vera said...

I think those little tiny Baked by Melissa cupcakes are one of the things I miss most about living in NYC!

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