Friday, May 18, 2012

mother's day...

on sunday night, my mom came up to my place to spend a few days with me. it was her week of vacation, and it's likely the last time she will be able to do it before i leave. and, i was reunited with my chloe! (my parents had her since we went to nyc). over the few days she was here, we ate, we shopped, we got pedicures (only the 2nd time in  my life, man it tickles), we ate some more, i worked a little, and we relaxed watching some tv. anyone else watch the desperate housewives finale? what did you think? my mom thought it was great, but personally, i felt 'meh' about it. sure they wrapped everything up nicely, but i just felt that they had better regular episodes over the series finale.
the 3 girls.

 neons for summer. (whole ensamble from forever 21)
breakfast at our favorite spot.
so many blueberry pancakes.
breakfast on a patio? can i make that happen everyday?

and that my friends, is how we spent mother's day and the few days that followed. now, i have 4 days off for the long weekend and i'm pretty darn happy about it. 30 degrees and sunny for the weekend? yep! time to get my tan on. happy may 2-4! 

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