Sunday, April 22, 2012

instagram round up...

it's been a pretty dismal weekend here in the city. today i'm off to do typical sunday things, like vacuuming, laundry, and groceries (actually, the last 2 are already done). so i leave you with some pretty pictures and ones that may make you hungry. ps. now that picnik is gone, i'm too daft to figure out how to put pictures side by side. i can't find another site (i know of picmonkey, but still waiting for them to add the collage feature), and i certainly can't figure it out with photoshop or even paint. therefore, you get large pictures instead of 2by2.
the tulips are out!
pretty in pink.
banana pancakes; on the inside and on top.
canada got panera bread (which i hear enough of from bloggers on twitter!) so i had to stop in when i was out and i chose this-the 'cobblestone'. definitely delish, though i couldn't quite finish it.
our morning cuddles. she throws herself on top of me and wraps me like a scarf. my favorite part of the day.
out like a light.
dylan's slippers, my dad's slippers. quite the size difference! size 12 and 7 respectively.
i just thought this was cute.
how i would look with blue eyes (if i didn't faint when i put contacts in-yes, that happened, many years ago, and they were blue contacts!) using the  'eye colorizer free' app. also note, i was in the midst of doing my makeup for the wedding, hence the one eye being done (i was deciding whether the under eye liner was too much or not and taking a picture was the way to decide. duh).


*updated: lainey told me how to do collages with a photobucket account, but now i'm just to lazy to go and change my whole post. but yay for now knowing how!


Leanna Vera said...

I love the pretty pop of color that the tulips give...seeing all the Spring flowers is one of my favorite parts of this time of year!

Amber said...

You would look gorgeous with blue eyes girl!

Laura said...

Those pancakes look delish! Also that vespa is so cute!

s1814 said...

I love those cobblestone thingys from Panera. So good but so bad! Such a great place for lunch at school.

Joyful Sparrow said...

Have you tried picstitch? I use it on my iPhone..It only allows so many photos, but maybe it would suit your needs..

Lisa said...

ahh tulips are my fav!

Amanda said...

Very cool with the blue eyes! Your makeup looks so pretty! And I love snuggles with our furry friends!

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