Friday, April 20, 2012

burger bar...

the other day, i had to make a quick trip back home to my parents for a last minute appointment. when that was all said and done, me and dyl decided to make a day date out of it and try a place i had heard a lot about recently, chuck's burger bar. this place most definitely did not disappoint! the portions were massive and you can't beat the price of the poutine. the only downfall was that i had asked for my burger medium-well and it came still pink in the middle. i had thought it would be cooked a little more, but next time i'll know better. i ate all around it and wouldn't have been able to eat any more if i tried, so it wasn't a big deal. the waitress had said they could have remade it (when she noticed it sitting on my plate at the end), but i assured her that i was ridiculously full and it was quite alright.
that's a lof of food.
 pulled pork on top of a half pound angus burger!!
a giant poutine. with massive homemade cheese curds. for only $7. what?!

we definitely couldn't finish the last bit of the poutine and we waddled out of there with very full bellies. i can't wait to get back there and try other things on the menu. but note: if you're in the area and stop by, be prepared that you may have to wait. there's only about 6 2-person tables and a small bar to sit at.

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Unknown said...

You've officially made me hungry!

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