Friday, March 16, 2012

the peaks and the pits...

i'm taking a cue from the kardashians (*ahem*) and doing the peaks and pits (also known as the highs and lows) of this last week and upcoming week.


-when at work last week, someone asked if i had veneers. i think this is a compliment? but i usually find veneers to look big and fake like, so i'm not sure..i hope my teeth don't look big! ha
-one of my girl friends just moved into a new place and on saturday she's having me and dylan over for dinner with her boyfriend. our first grown up dinner date. how exciting! :)
-finally finding a dress for the wedding, and at $39 to boot. one more thing off the checklist.
-the weather lately has been insane. it's pushing 20 degrees celsius (around the 70s for you fahrenheit people) and i've my windows open for a few days now. the forecast for the next 5 days is lookin' beautiful.
-the number is getting smaller; 44 days until NYC.


-when me and my mom were on the way across the border, we were waiting in line and were about 4 cars from the border guy (after being in line an hour) and all of a sudden we feel a little tap from behind! we got hit! of course, you can't get out of your car at the border, so my mom couldn't check for any damage, but it was so light, she just let it go. about 15 minutes later, we were waiting in at the toll booth and we got HIT AGAIN from behind!!! this time a bit harder, so my mom had to get out. luckily, once again, there was no damage, and we were obviously fine. but really..2x within an hour!?? pay attention people!!
-i have to get my passport updated (it expires the day before we get back from our trip. really?!?) on saturday. i mean, no one looks good in a passport photo, that's basically a rule of life. hair behind your ears, no smiling..yuck.
-not only do i have to work at another location for 2 weeks starting monday, but my days start as early as 5:30am. i might die. or just be a zombie for 2 weeks. one of the two.

after nearly 5 years, i still never tire of seeing this sight daily.
sun shining on a warm wednesday.
i love my big bay windows here in my living room (and my bedroom) that allows the sun to pour in daily and a warm breeze to drift in.

i'm definitely looking forward to a weekend of sunshine and t-shirts. hopefully you can say the same, wherever you may be located! 


Nikolett said...

I think getting a comment like that on your teeth is a compliment, for sure :) And yay for finding a dress!

Boo for getting hit 2x (honestly, WTF is wrong with some of these drivers? I want to take away their car so I can actually drive properly) and for having your day start so early.

By the way, those are so gorgeous pics and I am definitely looking forward to a weekend of sunshine and t-shirts, too!

Taylor Morgan said...

Beautiful pictures! :)


Anonymous said...

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dreaming en francais said...

These photos are beautiful! It's always a good idea to take a moment and appreciate the peaks of your day xo

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