Monday, March 19, 2012


another hair appointment, another change-up. i think i'm in a 'life rut' and so i change my hair. back to the blonde it is, and another couple inches off at that. it's been  many years since it's been this short, but i love it.

 car smirk. 

once again, i feel like myself. since september, i've had 3 different colors and lengths. people at work probably think i'm a wackadoodle who can't make up her mind. but me and blonde-we just go together.


Amanda said...

Yup! Definitely like this shade of blonde and cut! Gorgeous :) Is it time for your NYC trip yet?!?!

safire said...

I really love your haircut! You look fabulous!

I've been feeling drastic lately and I'm trying to change it up. My sister is adamant about me NOT going short though so I'm in a rut.

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