Tuesday, January 24, 2012

we're *in* nature...

me and dylan used to be *quite* the hiking couple. in fact, pretty much the first time we really hung out, he took me hiking. unfortunately, it's been a while since we've been, but last night, i was thinking about it.
october 26, 2006. 1 month before we 'officially' started dating. doesn't it look like an engagement photo? haha that's what everyone has always said.
 water's a flowin' (these are now from 2008).
so young. so cute.
strong like hulk.
 checkin' out the view.
 ohh dangerous.
 living on the edge.
look, we rock climb! (not really, it's an illusion).
see, another illusion. but lets just pretend i can really rock climb with no harness.

muscles; don't mess with me.

it's been so long since we've been hiking. this spring, i'll be sure we get out there. especially because it's something dylan really loves to do. and hey, if i can feel my legs burning, and get a good workout while i'm at it, why not?


Kim Humes said...

My bf and I go hiking every weekend! We love it...it's a great shared activity...gives you fresh air and exercise, lots of pretty scenery to look at, and quality time as a couple! Those are beautiful sites you visited! Can't wait for the spring again when we don't have to wear like 3 layers when we go hiking!! lol

Clarinda said...

Great pics! I especially love the jumping one.

My husband doesn't really care for hiking too much, but I love it and wish I could do it more often.

Lisa said...

great pics! looks like a great weekend!

rach. said...

this looks like so much fun!

love, rach.

Amanda said...

LOVE the photo of you jumping in the air. And yes, that totally looks like an engagement photo, but you two are picture perfect so it work :)

Kayla said...

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Anonymous said...

NOT VERY GIRLY!!!!! WHERE IS YOUR PINK MOUNTAIN? I am a pink mountain when I realize my goals and become the man I want to be aka the woman that I will be.

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