Sunday, January 22, 2012

instagram round-up...

i bet you didn't expect to see me around here on a sunday, did ya? i'm linking up with jenni for the best of instagram.
i had won an online contest through twitter from a book store, and when i came home the other day, i saw this huge package! i had no idea what the prize was, but these 2 books were inside. no wonder you people like online shopping; coming home to a package is great!
a few weeks ago, i took chloe for a nice walk while it still quite warm. and now, there's snow :) although i wish there was more. the amount on the right (taken yesterday) is pitiful for a january in canada.
the cutest puppy in a basket (!? what's wrong with his legs??); a delish cake pop, and my day yesterday. (ps. i haven't finished 'one day', haven't seen the movie, and i have no idea what it's about, so SSSHHH!!)
how to deal with -16C weather-start with a toque, add a scarf, and then bundle up in a warm coat. then brave the elements.

so far, this sunday is shaping up pretty good. i've watched bruce almighty, and now the brady bunch movie is on tv. i'm drinking good coffee, and snacking away. sundays are great.

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Kristin said...

love your instagram round up! I'm so glad Jenni created this link up, it was fun! Happy I stumbled across your blog, i'm now your newest follower :)

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