Friday, November 4, 2011

it's beginning to look a lot like...

every year i look forward to the holt renfrew  christmas window displays. they're so beautiful and it's obvious how much time and effort is put into each individual window. you can see my post from 2009 here. unfortunately, there's a lot of glare in the windows, and you can see the traffic in the reflection. it takes away from the prettiness :(:(
a goose in a pair, birds, climbing a ladder in an evening gown...regular holiday activities.

the little penguins turned on the circular mobile.
dance, dance, dance the night away.
christmas party serving up milk.
'come they told me pa rum pum pum pum.'
around the world.
 this is a night shot i snapped later. maybe it's better at night?
 regardless, the frogs are quite stylish.

can you see me and chloe in the reflection of the ball on the left? hehe
chloe wanted to meet her long lost relative; the polar bear.

i could spend a long time just walking around. it's a christmas wonderland. however, my question is, why is everything 'happy christmas'? let me say that i'm very happy it says CHRISTMAS, and not HOLIDAYS. the people that are 'offended' by the use of christmas because it's not what they celebrate can stfu, because it's what we celebrate here in canada, sorry. but why not 'merry christmas'? what's up with that? oh well, didn't mean to go on a tangent. just enjoy the pretty windows :)

happy friday!

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Anonymous said...

that "happy christmas" shit irritates me so much. did you hear whoever "they" are are thinking of stopping singing oh canada in the morning because immigrants are complaining it offends them? oooh i could go on such a huge rant here but i don't. but seriously? freakin mad about it all.

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