Tuesday, November 10, 2009

getting in the christmas spirit

...already! as i said before, last thursday was the unveiling of the christmas windows at holt renfrew. i even left class just a little early (shhh) so i could get there while the 'fun stuff' was still going on. the windows certainly did not disappoint this year!! in my opinion, they were much better than last year.

so that was a lot of pictures...and i know theyre poor quality-but with it being dark, there was glare on the windows, and crowds galore, so i was trying to sneak pic in between all the people walking by. really, these pictures dont do the windows justice-they are fabulous.


Ashleigh said...

ahhh! I so need to get my ass down to holts...and I was just there at UofT today

damn it

nicole addison said...

ohh wow what awesome windows. reminds me a little of saks during christmas time!

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