Saturday, November 5, 2011

have you heard about the bill that was just passed in michigan that allows bullying. if the bully can provide 'religious or moral reasons for their actions' it's basically ok. all i can say is what.the.f*ck. this is absolutely deplorable. i am so sick and tired of religion being used as an excuse for discrimination, and now hatred and bullying. i have the same strong feelings towards those against gay marriage (because duh, they're no different). you don't have to be on board with same sex marriage, you don't have to agree with it, but how dare you stop people in love from marrying and having the benefits you as a straight person does when married. how dare you rally and physically try to stop 2 people in love from marrying. it does not and will not effect you.

the worst thing about this new michigan bill, which really puts the knife in the coffin? it's called 'matt's safe school law'--named after a kid who committed suicide because of anti-gay bullying.

i think it's summed up best by what sen. gretchen whitmer says in the video below: "this is worse than doing nothing; it's a republican license to bully."

i don't even know what else to say about this. i just can't even wrap my head around the fact that something like this actually exists. in 2011. in this world. wow. just wow. any supporters of this should be ashamed of themselves.


Kristine said...

This is just sad... a complete outrage. What is wrong with the world!? I totally agree with everything you said.

Emma said...

What the hell? This is absolutely ridiculous. I ... just can't fathom how something like this actually managed to become law. I mean, really, what?

Kristie said...

I completely agree. This law is disgusting.

Katie's Kollections said...

So stupid. That's just going to give kids more of a reason to bully. Some people have no respect. Sad the government would even pass such a thing.

The Sweet Life said...

I have NOT heard about this. This is ridiculous.

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