Monday, November 7, 2011

the bunny hill...

i'm just going to put this out there. i'm not a sports person. i don't watch sports. i don't play sports. in elementary school and high school, gym class was 1000x worse than math class for me. in fact, when we played volleyball, the teacher always let me serve from halfway up the court, because i was that bad and could never make it over the net. true story.
but, the one sport i actually kind of like? snowboarding. i say kind of because i've only tried it one time. and that was nearly 5 years ago. and it ended kind of traumatically. but, i did have a good time. and was surprisingly good for a first timer, and for someone who simply
in the car. a little nervous. a little excited.
 wearing my girlfriends pants and jacket, with my rented board and boots.
 just a guy in spandex.

 i was probably already tired.
 i stuck to the bunny hill for the day. duh.
a break in the bar.

near the end of the day, i was going down the hill, doing pretty well, when all of a sudden i got myself turned around and couldn't stop. i fell backwards and smacked my head on the hard snow. i cried. and was done for the day. womp womp. because i don't have a jacket and pants, and have to rent the boots and board, and then of course pay for the day, it's not cheap for me to go. hence, not having gone back in years. hopefully, once i get a real job where all income isn't going to my rent and loans, i can get back out there! it's something dylan really enjoys and is good at, which is why we went in the first place. :)

Oh, & lets not forget how much the chairlift hates me and i hate it. it ran me over when getting off more than once. awful.
these photos were from march 2007. crazy. we had been dating about 4 months. and about 3 weeks before, dylan had asked me to cut his hair. i butchered it so bad with the electric razor that he had to shave it. oh how i hated it hahah and myself for screwing up so royally.


Amanda said...

Dylan looks SOOO different with a shaved head. Love you two together though :)

Anait said...

bahaha. I went snowboarding once. on the bunny hill. and i broke my wrist.

happy monday!

Anonymous said...

my school always took trips to blue mountain or talisman mountains. i went a few times and skied. i wasn't tooo bad, but i stuck to the lazy hills haha. i went with my friend to blue another time and she made me go on like a freakin huge, steep hill with her. i lasted about 2 seconds before falling, smashing my ankle hard and had to be sledding down. it was so embarrassing i haven't skied since.

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