Wednesday, November 9, 2011

toy soldiers...

holt renfrew was an absolute zoo this weekend. i had saw a bracelet last week that i wanted for christmas and this weekend they had a promotion where you got a giftcard worth 25% of your purchase. so i told my mom i would get the bracelet myself and save her the trip (and then act surprised when i open it on christmas ;)) but it was gone! :(:( sad! so i wandered around all the hustle and bustle looking at everything i can't afford. ha. they were having trunk shows so it was even busier than usual. the good thing? they were giving out free things! and i love free things. who doesn't? some peppermint ice cream, coffee, and a sugar cookie. and out front of the store, they had a few drummer boys, and guys dressed as toy soldiers. love.
 piano man amongst the hustle & bustle of the shoppers.
 drummer boys heading upstairs.
yummy yummy cookie.

to all toronto stores: take note and participate in christmas affairs!


Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Yay for Christmas =-)

Amanda said...

YAY for Christmas...but really? Already?

Deidre said...

AW, I am so sorry that the bracelet was already gone - I hate when that happens!

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