Tuesday, August 30, 2011

your ass is a little bony...

in the past week, i have managed to watch 4 movies. i'm not generally a big watch-a-movie-by-yourself type person, so that's a lot. most were my first time seeing them. but, that's what happens when 3 of your girl friends are in italy and croatia, another is in nyc, and dylan is on a 10 day field trip for school (but, it counts as a full credit, so that's awesome).

so what did i watch?
-friends with benefits: i liked this one. it definitely made me laugh out loud and was one of the better comedies i've seen lately. unlike bridesmaids and horrible bosses, which i know i'm totally in the minority about.
-rumor has it: the one with anniston and mark ruffalo (adorable). it was decent. it was sitting on my shelf and i had no idea what it was about, so therefore i watched it. not great, no bad. it kept me occupied for 2 hours.
-the last song: i liked this one. again, had no idea what it was about. liam is pretty cute, but miley still bugs the crap outta me. also, SPOILER, i was totally not expecting the dad plot. whoa sad!!
-black swan: this one was the only one i had seen before. nothing to really say about it, other than i love it. i love darren aronofsky, the director. i think he rocks. he also directed requiem for a dream which is one of my all time favorite movies. i picked up during black swan that it was filmed really similarly to requiem, without even knowing it was the same director. he definitely has a particular style.

hot chocolate, a book, and a webcam.

yes, i also spent the days reading. as i suspected, the book is quite funny. so, since i seem to be on a roll, any other movies i should see?

*title from friends with benefits*


Lauren Nicole said...

wow. nick went out of town recently and i did the same thing. movie/wine night for me all week long. i saw both the last song and black swan. the last song was so sweet (and sad) whilst black song was intense and confuuusing!

i need more movie nights alone. it was so peaceful :)

Unknown said...

I loved loved loved Friends with Benefits! I also not so secretly adore Miley so I'm a big fan of The Last Song. Over the last week I watched Julie and Julia and Life As We Know It. They were both very cute!

Unknown said...

Only you could look so adorable in pink sweats! :) I don't do lonesome weekend marathons much either, but now I'm thinking they could be quite fantastic!

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