Monday, August 29, 2011

how to cool off on a hot day...

-going swimming would have been nice, but no such luck
-wear as little clothing as socially acceptable
-get 7/11 slurpees (i have probably had 1 my entire life. is that weird? this makes 2!)
 and 5cent candy! i didn't even know that existed anymore! but, remember penny candy? that was better.
mm how refreshing
just hanging around, slurping our slurpees

-this was back like, 2 weekends ago when it was a disgustingly hot 35 or so degrees. this weekend, i will happily say, did not require slurpees to cool down.


Unknown said...

i love slurpees. i get them all the time. i know they aren't good for you but something about how refreshing they are gets me everytime! cute pics.

xoxo, jamie

Amanda said...

Would you share some of that candy with me? I shared some of my bf's slurpee this weekend at the movies. Quite tasty :)

Chelsea said...

I LOVE slurpees. Jealous that you even have a 7/11. My town is too tiny.

Also. You are cute.

Monique said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog! I definitely am in need of some Slurpees. This South Carolina heat is a bit much without some frozen goodness. Also needing single serving dessert recipes, like the chocolate chip one you mentioned. Double Yum (or should I say, Single Serve Yum)!

Noelle Chantal said...

I love slurpees too and I so agree with you that this drink makes everything so refreshing esp on a hot day. :) Cute photos! :)

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