Wednesday, August 31, 2011

st. lawrence market...

while me and dylan have often gone to the st lawrence market on sundays for the antiques, we've never gone into the actual market across the street. a couple weeks ago, when my mom was in toronto, we decided to check it out.
 a rather cool painting on the building
 flatiron building (real name: gooderham building)
market housing all the delicious foods
i want it all
 i love corn
 and my babe for the heck of it

we actually loved the market. pretty sure we could have gone crazy and bought a crap tonne of food!! cheeses, breads, homemade mustards, desserts, fruit, olive bars filled with stuffed everything (!!)..oh my. we ended up eating lunch at a little ukranian kitchen downstairs. it was a little 'shop' where they had their stove and oven and 2 older ladies and 1 man were cooking away. i wanted absolutely everything. meat lasagna (which i got and was hands down the best lasagna i have ever had in my life), veggie lasagna, chicken schnitzel (which i also wanted so bad), cabbage rolls (those i don't eat), dessert and savory crepes, potato latkes, perogies, dessert perogies, stuffed eggplant...and the list went on. all.home.made. it was the hardest decision every to decide what we wanted.

the only answer is to go back many times, and order something different every time ;)

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Amanda said...

Of course a picture of you and the pup! and those pictures made me quite the hungry girl :) Your photography is muy impressivo!

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