Wednesday, May 18, 2011

the beginnings of a work wordrobe...

since i'm finally going to be getting out there to hand out my resume and hopefully get interviews, i needed some new clothes. off i went to the mall with my mom. we went to rw&co because well, they have nice stuff, but it also fits petite people without any altering. and that's huge. 'adult' clothes that fit me?! yes. (i'm 5'2"; and i love my height, i would never change it!). basically everything i tried on, i loved. and now i'm that more ready to be hired somewhere..(someone please hire me!!)

i put a few outfits together the next day and took some pictures, mostly to send to dylan. i have other shoes (obviously) but for the convenience of it, i kept the same ones on. also, ignore the terrible angle and me looking kind of down, thus resulting in the lovely double chin. and me not looking terribly happy. i told my mom not to get my head. she didn't listen.
 love this jacket. it's so soft and flowy and i can't wait to wear it with jeans and shorts too
 for the purple top, i would put a black cami under it, instead of the beige. but again, convenience, i didn't change it. and a more casual outfit on the right.
 love this white jacket too, and the top ;P

and this is all i came home with. pretty much everything can be mixed and matched. i felt like i was on what not to wear! lol i got 2 jackets, 3 pair of pants, 3 dressy shirts, 2 camisoles, and 3 't-shirts' that either have ruching or frills or something to 'fancy' it up a bit, but more casual than the blouse-y shirts.

and at home, i already had straight leg black pants that are full length, a black blazer, and the fuchsia dress i wore to my cousins, that's that!

now lets hope i get a job...or at least interviews. sigh.

*a fashion blogger, i am not.


safire said...

You look great! I love your style.

I'm petite too (5'1-5'2) so I'm always on the lookout for great options! :)

Amanda said...

With those outfits, employers would be crazy not to hire you!

Perpetual Blind Date said...

This is the beginning of a fantastic work wardrobe! It takes a lot of time to gather up piece by piece! Look for great sales where they say things like "40% off everything". Good luck!

Unknown said...

Good luck! Stay confident and don't anyone tell you otherwise!

Amber said...

I know how you feel - I am 4'11" hard to find small girl clothes :(

I have that yellow shirt, but in blue! So cute :)

Maggy said...

well done! it does look like you were on What not to Wear, and came out on top!

wishful nals said...

so exciting! love the yellow. so pretty!

Love Lillian said...

love your blog! i think you are a pretty good fashion blogger. i think the yellow top looked especially great on you. i was born and basically raised in/around toronto so its nice to find a blogger from around there.

i'd say good luck with the work outfits but it looks like you've got it all figured out.


Hey Barbie said...

Love the outfits - I would hire you! ;)

E said...

The yellow top is the winner! Love it/have it in pink.

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