Wednesday, April 20, 2011

abc's about ME...

i saw this going around a bit, and i thought, why not fill my friends in on what size bed i sleep on and possible x-rays?

Age: 23
Bed size: double. wish for a california king
Chore you hate: hmmm probably dusting
Dogs: yes. love them. obviously. there's miss chloe. but i also eventually want a giant one (think great dane, bull mastiff, bouvier, bernese mountain dog...)
Essential start to your day: going pee? lol or eating an apple
Favorite color: to wear? black. so boring and drab, i know. decorate? white or dark plum
Gold or silver: silver. although i do love the look of rose gold for the odd thing
Height: 5'2" and i love it :)
Instruments i play (or have played): the recorder in grade school ;)
Job title: the student title is now done, so i suppose at this moment my title is 'unemployed'-lovely
Kids: one day
Live: Toronto
Mom's name: to me-mom
Nickname: when i was young,  my dad called me bones. now my friends just call me bee or bree (which is what you all know me as, but that's a short form)
Overnight hospital stay: nope.
Pet peeve: tonnes. but the first one that comes to mind is people who walk too slow on the sidewalks, or walk in packs, or stop abruptly, or come towards you in a group and expect you to move out of the way. ugh. can you tell i walk everywhere???
Quote from a movie: "can't see the lines, can ya russ?" from christmas vacation (first thing that came to my mind!)
Right or left handed: right
Siblings: none. always wished for one though
Time you wake up: generally between 7:30-8:30 on my own
Underwear: yes, i wear it...
Vegetables you dislike: mushrooms, peppers, tomatoes; i'm sure there's more
What makes you run late: nothing! i'm always on time. i hate lateness
X-rays you've had done:  just dentist ones. oh, and i'm assuming i had one when i broke my collar bone when i was about 3 (i fell off my parents bed..i didn't get the nickname bones for nothin' ha)
Yummy food you make: grilled cheese. and red velvet cake. i'd say i'm pretty decent at a lot of things though
Zoo animal: i could do a whole post of the animals i love: tigers, penguins, elephants, monkeys (and everyone in that general category), meerkats...

so there you have it. the most random things you probably didn't care to know anyway!
love, yours truly. and chloe.


Pia said...

I love to read these posts. So interresting! :)
And hi, slow walkers are the death of me. They drive me insane.

Unknown said...

i'm an only child too!!
i love this little survey, pretty sure i'm gonna steal it.

also... i've been meaning to tell you, i've got family in alliston... so next time i'm up for a visit maybe we could meet up in toronto???

Anonymous said...

i did this as well! things like this are super fun! loove the blog!

AgataP said...

oh what a cute picture ;)

Shelby Lou said...

I love your quote from a movie. I love that movie. Why is the floor wet Todd?? I don't knooow Margo!

You are awesome, and interesting. I like your ABC list.

Nice to meet you blogging friend!

<3 Shelby

Ashley from Sloanbook said...

Haha yay! This is cute! I didn't realize you were 5'2'" you seem taller? Lol. And oh I know what you mean the people who expect to walk and everyone get out of their way?! I've never been one of those people but every once in awhile I try and then we just hit hahaha. Try it lol!

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