Thursday, April 21, 2011

chewy bites of love...

yesterday between reading and studying i decided i wanted to whip up some type of cookie or other simple dessert. instant *light bulb*-coconut macaroons. o.m.g. i go crazy for these things. i used the recipe from Amanda's blog-Small Home Big Start. she's got a tonne of recipes and they all look so good. i won't post the recipe, you can just check out the link if you wanted to make them. they are ridiculously easy (we're talking 5 minute prep time) and they come out all chewy and delicious.

for me, it made about 14.
when i was looking in the fridge to see if we had coconut so i cook make these, i saw we had candy melts!! they're what i use for cake pops. so i thought, well, i'll just spruce up a few macaroons.
 at first, the pink wasn't hardening and i was a little disappointed. but eventually it did. i think it was from the grease on the pan that was mixing with it.
i should have made them later in the day. about half were gone by the time my parents got home from work. woops.


Amanda said...

Those look fantastic! I might have to try those out!

Raven said...

HOMEMADE COCONUT MACAROONS? Ohmygosh my diet is dead. I'm so making these.

Unknown said...

Yum! Those look amazingly delicious! And so simple to make! I'm definitely making these as an "Easter treat," hopefully they'll last a bit longer than yours.. probably not though.

Sarah said...

These look AMAZING!

And I sort of love that they are pink. :)

Kimberley said...

Ahh- these look Ah-mazing!!!!!!!!
YUM :)

LindseyEveryday said...

They look delic! Yum!

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