Tuesday, April 19, 2011

back in the city for a day..

yesterday, me and dylan drove into toronto for my 4th final. it snowed. i wore my winter coat. in mid april! not normal..
arriving back home
i've never gotten a heart in my latte from starbucks before-totally made my day while walking to my exam! and then i'm sitting there in the building, my friend gets there, and he says "gee, looks like you pulled an all-nighter." nope i didn't. but thanks!
after my final was done (which i think went well), we went for pizza. oh so good. i got white sauce, goat cheese and article hearts (white magic i think it was called), and dyl got asiago cheese, mushrooms and onion. it was called the 'magic mushroom pizza' and yes me made a joke to the waitress. 

then, an apple came with the bill!? so random but i started eating it right away. nice little gesture.

overall, pretty good day. you know what was weird though? i looked at the clock on the stove on my way out the door in the morning-9:32am-and when i pulled back in my parents driveway after getting back into toronto? 9:32pm.  i think that means the universe is on my side or something.


Brittany Rossman said...

The weather here is driving me mad as well!! What a great little day you had. Hope your test went well!!

Anonymous said...

man, it snowed here in kincardine on sunday morning. so sucky

Annie said...

i've been having to wear my winter coat still as well, it really stinks :( chance of snow tonight too....boo hoo!!
at least you got a heart in your drink and a yummy pizza!! both pizzas sound and look delicious!!

Blicious said...

mmm pizza!! hahahaha


christine donee said...

Dear Weather,

Your funny funny jokes are not so funny. Time for you to stop playing around and bring me the warmth.


Unknown said...

I always have things like that happen! Kinda freaky :)

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