Friday, March 11, 2011

i can feel my intelligence decreasing...

in class the other day, our prof was talking about a paper we have to hand in shortly. all basic stuff everyone already knows by now. then he reminded us that proper sentence structure and grammar are required. um, excuse me? isn't that a given? now, i know my sentence structure is all outta whack on this blog sometimes, mostly because i write like i talk, but i can assure you i know proper sentencing and grammar!

he then tells us about a student last year who handed in a paper and used 'u' in place of 'you' throughout the whole paper. and he reminded us not to do this. i mean, really? is this what we have to be reminded of now a days? we are in 4th year. we are not at a some joe-blow community college (relax, totally not knocking community college, i went there too; loved it). we are at one of the best universities in canada. sigh.

then he told us about a student who didn't site a single thing in their whole paper. why? well, they assumed the prof/TA 'should know where the information came from.' i'm sorry, did you go to high school? do you know what a works cited/in-text citation is? how did you get in university? how did you make it to 4th year?!?

proof--there will always be idiots in the world.


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have a fantastic weekend!


Unknown said...

Eck. University students are some of the stupidest "smart" people I've ever met. I TA'd for a few semesters, You would not believe what some of them do. I've questioned how some of them even graduated high school. (Basic; their, they're there. Come on now.)

And then they have the nerve to question why they failed or got a low grade. Sorry to say, such stupid arguments do not really help your case.

Oh my.

The Leader said...

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Katie said...

lol my teachers have mentioned that too. Do students spell check??

Hepburn Hilton said...

I'm speechless.... That's insane!!!

What's the cute Ilove you sheet behind you? or should I say "behind u"?? :)

xx nosy carina

AmberFaith said...

That doesn't shock me a bit, actually. Haha.

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Ashley said...

hahahah why are you so funny!?? and that picture...HA! Im seriously lauphing, we should be friends.

Anonymous said...

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Amber said...

I agree, it's horrible that people should have to be reminded of stuff like that. I think at any age, especially at 4th year university! and I love your picture.. you're too cute!!

Anna said...


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