Monday, March 14, 2011

i'm going bonkers!

i can feel my stress levels rising. well, they've been rising at a slow and steady pace all semester, but now it's escalating. the end is near. 3 weeks of classes left before finals start. i still can't wrap my head around that. that, and the fact that i'm graduating. can i just show you all what my next few weeks looks like?

tuesday march 15-policy paper on prostitution regulation due (40%, 10 pages); involved nearly 800pgs of required reading that was plopped down on us. (this one is nearly done)
wednesday march 23- paper due (35%, 20 pages); topic i picked? wrongful convictions
monday march 28-paper due about crime and gender and relating it to girl with a dragon tattoo (25%, 9-12 pages)
wednesday march 30-paper due (35%, 10-15 pages); haven't decided on a topic yet, but something in corrections
tuesday april 5- final (25%) and another final (25%)
wednesday april 6-yet another final (25%)

i mean, i'll be running around like a chicken with my head cut off. wait, no, that's not very accurate. i won't be running anywhere; i'll be buried in my apartment with my face stuck in my books and my computer. it's ridiculous. thank gosh my last 2 exams are later in the month, and they're 10 days apart, so i can put them on the back burner. but it doesn't help that my last exam of my university career is on the last possible day of the exam schedule. but, the day after that last exam, we will be off to NYC. so it kind of makes up for it. ok, it a lot makes up for it ;)
 books, work, books, work... ahhhh

stress is basically a disconnection from the earth, a forgetting of the breath. stress is an ignorant state. it believes that everything is an emergency. nothing is that important. just lie down.
- Natalie Goldberg

i should really listen to that. but then again, papers can't wait; try telling a prof that their paper isn't that important ha


Anonymous said...

Eek, you are one busy chica! Going to NYC will be a great way to end all that madness!

Hepburn Hilton said...

Good luck!! Graduating, that's huge!! I wish it was me :)

Anonymous said...

OMG are you taking a Valverde class? How weird, I graduated Crim. 2 yrs ago and my final schedule looked a little too much like yours does!

Anonymous said...

i'd love to read your dragon tattoo paper! those books were amazing, as were the movies.
i'm worried about the american versions though

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