Thursday, March 10, 2011

awkward and awesome...

thursday here, which means it's time for awkward and awesome once again. apparently i have lots to say this week :) lets get started...

-rain hair. or hair from dampness. whatever. it sucks. and makes me look awful in public. or i just wear a hat one too many days in a row.
-seeing a lady in the neighborhood who clearly just had work done. sunglasses on a cloudy day; nose strip thing; little tiny blood spots where needles were injected all over your face. botox, anyone? oh i wanted to stare, so badly. but i tried not to make it obvious. that would have been mean.
-doing a little dance on all the ice outside because no one puts down salt fast enough. and no, not actual dancing, i'm talking slipping and sliding. one day, i'm going down, i know it.
-trying an eye pencil on my hand in the drug store, and thinking, i probably shouldn't do this. then the sales girl came outta nowhere and told me i'm not allowed to test them. then why don't they have that plastic wrap on them so the cap can't come off?? answer me that. most of them do.
-having a dream about justin bieber. say what? i don't even like the kid. i'm not a belieber! or whatever else his little minions are being called these days. not to mention i'm like 7 years his senior...
-oh, i also had a dream about vinny (yes, from jersey shore). but in my dream he wasn't popular from the shore, he was just a regular guy. i won't complain about this dream though because he's the guy (ok person) on the whole show that i actually like and that's attractive. he's not a guido in my opinion (which is a good thing), he's not obnoxious and he's not a man whore like the rest. except the eyebrows, hate the shaped eyebrows.

-running the stairs on friday and waking up saturday and feeling the burn. hope that means the 1000 steps were worth it
-eating healthier all week than i have in a long time. extremely baby carrots help with my snacking addiction.
-reaching over 200 followers...thanks all!
-warm cinnamon rolls with lots of icing (woops, that doesn't really mesh with the whole 'eating healthier' thing does it? it was saturday night. whatever)
-dylan walking through the door at the *exact* moment the dinger went off for said rolls
-a free latte from starbucks..because their 'computers were going slow'-if you say so!
-the girls tell all. all a bunch of crazies. which equals entertainment. plus, the finale next week!
-actually knowing how to take a picture with the webcam on my new laptop; all of the 3 years with my other laptop, i didn't know how.

lets hear it for 1 or 2 megapixel webcam pics. old school. what what. 

oh, and this is also awesome, today until saturday starbucks is celebrating 40 years with new petites and cake pops! if you go in between 2pm-5pm and get a drink, you get a free mini dessert! i'll definitely be heading there this afternoon :) you should too ;)

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Amy said...

I totally agree about Vinny too - he's the only cute one, and he doesn't know it so that makes him so much more cute. That episode where the girl stood him up was so sad.

It took me a long time to figure out how to turn on my webcam in my current laptop. I actually had to "Search" it... actually that's the only way I know how to open it, I have no clue where it is located!

Anonymous said...

Mmm, I love cinnamon rolls! And if I were to do an Awkward/Awesome post, I would put 'Simply Girly' in the 'awesome' section.

Anonymous said...

You are so cute! Sorry, just had to get that out off the way. I think the awesome here far outways the awkward. Now I want cinnamon rolls and Starbucks, thanks a lot :)

carlotta cisternas said...

I've totally had the Justin Bieber dream too...and I don't really even care for him. Seriously. ;)

babyskiffie said...

you're cute!!! love the beanie hat haha


Kitty said...

I LOVE that hat. ...If only I had a Starbucks in walking distance, I am such a coffee junkie...

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

I LOVE Vinny from Jersey Shore... he seems like a nice guy and definitely not a guido.

I also kind of like Paulie D... even though he is kind of a guido he seems genuine and super funny.

Meredith said...

let's hear it for running stairs! i love doing that. after i'm done, that is. during ... not so much:)

That Girl in Pearls said...

OOh, thanks for reminding me about Starbucks! I'll need to stop by tomorrow... yum!

Hope you have a wonderful Friday!

That Girl in Pearls

Katie said...

I alwaysss try makeup on my hand that is open and nailpolish on my fingernails even though I know I shouldn't. Most places you can't bring makeup back plus its expensive!! annoying!!

Vinnie from the JS is def my fav too hes soo cute and says funny things!! <3

Have a good weekend

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