Tuesday, March 1, 2011

concrete jungle..i'm comin' for ya...

over reading week, i was able to book our trip to NYC. i think you all know that i live and breath that city. love. no words to describe. i think this will be my 8 or 9th time going. i was waiting for the megabus schedule to go up for the dates i wanted and i remember booking our bus tickets during reading week last year, so i knew it would be around this time. my exams finish april 28th and dylan starts summer classes may 5 or something, so we kind of had a small window to work with. anyways, early in the week, i was able to book our tickets.

$13 roundtrip from toronto to NYC each. can't.be.beat. wifi and plugs on the bus and everything. it's our 4th year taking this bus company to nyc and no complaints-we love it! we leave april 29th @ 10pm, get into the city around 7:30am and leave may 4th @ 10pm. i can't tell you how excited i am to have 4 nights and 5 days. it's my grad present to myself ;) then a few days later i was able to book our b&b in the east village. after staying in a vacation rental last year, i don't know that we'll ever stay in a hotel again. we have our own suite with a private bathroom, kitchen, queen bed, wifi, tv etc all the stuff a home would have. plus, there's a rooftop patio that everyone staying there has access to.
 from last year. look at my handsome man. do you like the ad for the gentlemen's club in the back?

59 days
of course i have a countdown!


Brittany Rossman said...

yay!! So awesome!! You should definitely spend a day in Brooklyn =) Let me know if you want some tips on places in my neck of the woods =)

Anonymous said...

Love NYC! Can't believe you got the trip for sooo cheap! Have a blast!

<3 Megan

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Eek you're going to have a blast!

Nikolett said...

Wow that is SUCH an amazing deal! If I'm ever going on a trip to NYC I'm contacting you, by the way haha. Hope it's a blast! (though I'll say that again closer to the actual date hehe). Have you guys gone to Serendipity on your past 3 trips? :)

Liesl said...

I love NYC...what FUN and a great deal!!!

Liesl :)

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