Wednesday, March 2, 2011

you are still in the running.. to be americas next top model...

did anyone watch the premier of top model? see how they did the whole behind the scenes photos? well me and dyl watched it with my mom friday before getting ready. so when i started doing my makeup for the night, dyl decided to bust out the camera. let it be known i'm so awkward in front of the camera unless i'm just with friends and laughing or saying 'cheese.'

the only thing i use to edit is windows picture viewer--i change the contrast and saturation.

maybe me and dyl should start recreating the shoots every week? ha wouldn't that be something.


Jess-Express said...

You should check out my blog & follow it :)

Harley said...

Ugh I got that spam comment above too and it pissed me off no end!

I love these photos! "WANNA BE ON TOP?"

Please do a mock-tyra photo!

Unknown said...

I love the second photo :)

Sarah Frills4Thrills said...

hahaha! this is the cutest idea ever!

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