Monday, February 28, 2011

24th birthday celebrations...

friday night involved cupcakes, vodka 7's, friends, way too much food, 2 tequila shots and a lemon drop shot (did i mention i don't do shots?!), a way too crowded bar, happy birthdays, and good times.
 mmm that tequila shot tasted *so* good! birthday girl on the left!
 missed out on the dress memo
lemon drop shots. just down it.
love you bday girl!
doing the 'asian peace sign' on the left..explanation? nope.

there were no pictures taken at the bar. it was just too crowded and what not. but really, i can't believe we're all turning 24. i have known this girl since we were 2-we met in gymnastics and then ended up going to school together from grade school to high school to college then different universities. 
and this is us in 1993. running from boys. *note that i still have those purple shorts. and sometimes i still wear them to bed* i'm the cutie in the flower shirt ;)


Amy said...

I LOVE the Sparks t-shirt... AMAZING!~

I still have a t-shirt from Grade 3 that fits.

love jenny xoxo said...

lol looks like you all had a blast!!

Happy bday!! I'm glad you spent it surrounded with friends!! At least I think it's your bday... or it's coming up!


ChinkyGirLMeL said...

Love the pictures. You guys sure know how to have one. Oh and that last picture, sooooo adorable!

Liesl said...

Fun, fun, your hair too! Happy belated birthday!!!

Liesl :)

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