Wednesday, April 7, 2010

what's in my purse...

so this is going around, and i thought it was kind of fun and so i joined in.

1. marc by marc jacobs purse
2. marc by marc jacobs wristlet-i use it as my wallet with all my cards, ever important coffee cards, money, lip glosses ..
3. ipod
4. glasses
5. winning donut from tim hortons and bobbypins
6. headband, mints, mini mirror and halls
7. from the top down-discount cards for a nearby cafe, juicy fruit gum, and timcard
8. white cheddar kernels popcorn topping (haha from the last time i was at the movies a few weeks ago)
9. hand cream
10. hair elastics and a cup warmer to keep from burning my hands (lol my mom got this from one of her old lady friends)
11. 7/11 coffee club card
12. 3 skeleton keys and one old eyeglass that they use to test your eyes at the doctors (?)
13. 5 lip glosses
14. purell, pick comb, pen
15. gloves (i can probably take those out now...)
16. raybans

the numbers might be a little messed up, but the pic should enlarge :)
and of course, i usually carry my camera and blackberry (it was on my couch, never more than 2ft away from haha) and sometimes water. well, that's it! nothing very exciting...

it's another rainy day here in toronto and i'm just hang out today-can't wait to do nothing!!


Sophie Carmo said...

Lovely thingsssss....xoxo

Stacy said...

My co-worker did this a while ago with girls in the office - and then put it on her blog. She changed domains so I don't know if it's up anymore but she's if you're interested!

Amoree said...

Cute love your bag!!


Christy said...

Thanks for the note of congrats!

I should try this purse thing! It might be a good way to do some spring cleaning of my bag!

Magpie said...

Yeah I second the opinions above - your bag is gorgeous!

I looooooove doing nothing. A bit too much, actually, I think...

Kayla said...

I've thought about doing this! But I have stopped carrying a purse. I don't know why... I have tons and I'm actually quite tired of playing balancing act with all the stuff I carry. Perhaps I should start again.

Jodes said...

sigh, what a bag.
oh, marc - can you do no wrong?
i need to do one of these posts soon.
the amount of tim horton's merchandise made me laugh because that is sooooooo canadian.

everytime i'm away from your blog i forget how lovely it is!
so great.

love&light, hon!

Andhari said...

Love your bag! And the lipglosses :)

-city-love- said...

thanks girls! I found this bag on the neiman marcus website last year and I searched high and low all over NYC when I was there to get it haha

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