Friday, April 9, 2010

yay, the weekend!

well, dylan came up yesterday and we watched some more of dexter-we're now 3 episodes into season 4. we grabbed some pizza and bottled sangria and we were set to go. today the weather decided to be quite cold (like, 3C) and it's actually snowing a little!! crazy, last weekend it was tshirt weather..

we took a walk down to the eaton centre this morning, i was looking for a top for tomorrow night. it's my friends 23rd birthday! i didn't find anything for tomorrow, but i did find a tshirt for $8 and a pair of jeans for $35 from costa blanca..not too shabby. then we hurried home and dylan had to leave because he has to work tonight and tomorrow, then he'll be back up so we can go out tomorrow. as for me for the rest of the day? probably CSI, king of queens (scratch that, SATC movie it is!), blankets, chloe, m&m's and a book from america's #1 trial lawyer (book from 1971 lol) and some of his defense cases...just my type of book..."the defense never rests" by F.Lee Bailey.

i'll be hanging out with these girls tomorrow and a bunch of other friends-it's been a while since we've all gone out actually..can't wait! (this picture was from summer 2008 summer, but it popped into my head when i thought about the girls)

happy friday and have a great weekend!! (and hopefully you guys have better weather than here in toronto!)


Ashleigh said...

I was at Eaton Centre too =) ...
thank gawwd for the weekend
Have fun with your girlies!


Lariats and Lavender said...

Urgh, we've been having the same up and down weather. I cannot WAIT until it's nice and warm pretty much everyday.

Yay for the weekend, have fun! Also, Chloe is so cute. I've never seen a yorkie poo before! And your blog seems awesome. Looking forward to reading more!

Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for the 20SB comment! It's always nice to find a fellow Canadian blog :) I'm also very jealous that you still get an easter basket.. I wish!

Julia said...

ooh brace yourself for the season 4 of dexter. its crazy! :)

p.s. i wanted to ask you please do this:

it makes commenting and answering so much easier!

I wanted to reply to your comment about my religion post (thanks for the nice comment, btw! i was afraid of losing followers and I only have gotten positive feedback so far!) but i cant! boo!

Katie said...

Hey I left you a gift on my blog :)

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