Wednesday, March 10, 2010

ok, what is wrong with me??
first off, let me explain..i live in a house that has been divided into about 13 individual apartments. to get to mine, i go through a door which has a this little hallway, there are 3 doors-one (locked) to my apt, another (locked) to another persons apt and a bathroom door-which we both share.

anyways, i was hanging around watching CSI, reading a magazine, doing a whole lot of nothing. i hear a little whine from chloe. so i go in my bedroom because whenever she plays on my bed and she loses a toy down the side, the whines like a child for her 'mom to come and get it for her.' and she isn't there i check back in my living room where i was, and checked her dog bed beside the couch..not there either (my apt is all of like 200 sq ft probably, if that). i'm thinking, i open my door, and there she is..scurrying in with her tail in..
poor thing..then she runs around the apt all happy to see me again and i give her lots of hugs and kisses and apologies. she was honestly out in the mini dark hallway for, i'm gonna say 3 hours. how awful is that?? i felt so bad, so i took her for a nice walk and she's getting a treat. she must have fallen asleep out there.

but seriously, what is wrong with me?? i must have left her there after i came in from taking her for a pee.

like i could i forget about this face??! oy


Gabby said...

Aww, poor puppy! :) My dog does the same lil whine when she can't reach her toy!

Slightly Undone said...

Aweeeee! That is the worst feeling ever, I've been there before. It sucks! haha

"Julie" said...

aw your pup is adorable! I've left my pup outside once and I felt SO SO bad! Love your blog, just found it today! Can't wait to read more!

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