Thursday, March 11, 2010

hey, it's my blog anniversary!

actually, it was on the 8th, but i kind of missed that.

anyways, i started this blog 1 year ago, not knowing what i was getting myself into, how long i would keep it, how often i write, and god only knows about what?!
but, to my surprise (and i'm sure to the surprise of dylan too, bc he is the only one who knows about this), i have kept it up and i actually love it. it gives me a place to rant and rave and basically it's an online diary that i can look back and see what i have been up to.
and then of course, there are the comments that are uplifting and make you smile every time and the blogs that i read daily and adore.
i feel like i'm really just starting to get a grasp on this, and open up more (because really, i'm very private, hence the whole, no one knows about this blog..)pic via weheartit

well, without further ado, here's to the next year..


Gabby said...

Congrats to you!

Magpie said...

Well, I know about it now! Belated congratulations!

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