Monday, February 1, 2010

a weekend sans the boy..

thursday morning at 6am, dylan leaves for the weekend to go to london (ontario, not england!) to work a warehouse sale for his store-and he won't be back until sunday! of course, it is the weekend that my week of hell is over and i have ZIP work to do..great timing! lol but maybe my girlfriends will come for a visit. other than that, i plan on relaxing, doing some reading (not school related), grabbing a coffee at the cafe, doing some yoga, ya know.picture from our hike in..2008!? geez, time flies!! probably should have cropped out a lot of the ground in that picture, but regardles...
i last saw dyl saturday morning and i likely won't see him again until..valentines weekend :( on the plus side, that is reading week, so i will be home at my parents for about 9 days!!

i'm gonna miss youuuuu!! xoxo

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