Thursday, February 4, 2010

and he's off...

so dylan is in london by now..*sad face* i'll try and keep myself busy though. i think my friend might come up on sunday so we can go see dear john.. yesterday after my stats midterm, it was such a huge relief to be done, that i had to treat myself to a cupcake-of course it wouldn't be anything but red velvet. however, on a side not, it was not very good, crumbly and it didn't really taste like cream cheese icing-more like a mixture of that and buttercream and i HATE buttercream..

anyways....i think i feel like just reading all day in bed and writing out some lecture notes, other than that, i have class at 6. i also want to pick up the new copy of glamour magaine if it on newsstands yet-i'm really liking the mz beckham spread in there. mmmhhmm
this was a post of a bunch of nothing, so i'm off!

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