Sunday, January 31, 2010

sticking to a schedule..

this week is insane-and i am majorly stressing right now.
mon 6pm-midterm, tues 12pm-midterm, 3pm-paper outline due, wed 10am-stats midterm.

why does everything have to be so damn squished together!? i am not ready for anything and i am freaking out!! hence, why i should not even be on here....

anyways, i made a schedule for myself to follow today, and i feel a little bit better than i did when i woke up at 6am this morning feeling sick to my stomach. blahpic via


mart and lu said...

yay to get organized. school can be draining but it helps to look more longterm and realize that one day it will be over!

Iva said...

don't worry!! stick to your schedule ... it will be over before you know it!! ;)

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