Thursday, February 18, 2010

reading week is almost done..

well, yesterday dylan and i went for a public swim near by at the rec centre-i hadn't been swimming at this pool in soo long. i used to take lessons and got pretty close to being a life guard, but then i stopped. anyways, it was fun! we did some laps, played around, and got some exercise. downside=my hair was soo soo knotted when i got out, leave in conditioner spray still made it hard to get through. i went home and showered it took 2x conditioner. ew.

but today-is a good day. dylan and i (and i think my friend diana, if she gets in enough studying this afternoon for her exam tomorrow) are going to the buffet in the casino across the border!! we went 2 years ago, and OMG, we have never felt so sick after eating so much food; but good food. there was so many things to choose from. americans know how to eat! the buffet on the canadian side just doesn't even compare. we went last summer and we were majorly disappointed. so i'm eating on the light side the whole day so i can stuff my face around 530 and be utterly sick around 630. sounds like a plan.

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