Monday, February 15, 2010

family day fun...

today was family day, so everything was closed and it was a little holiday. around noon, we got some nachos prepared and my parents, dylan and i watched julie and was ok..i thought it was a little slow, but my mom loved it!! then after that we watched some snowboarding olympics (yaa canada's silver!) ..

then it was dinner and we had indian..and it was so so good. tandori chicken, butter chicken, basmati rice, these 3 tips-there was a lentil one, an eggplant one and a veggie one. and then there was cool pita chip things that were completely flat round things and as soon as you put them in a bit of oil, they expanded and curled up and became like a giant chip-all in 1-2 seconds. and finally we had a 'traditional' indian mango smoothie, so says michael smith of the food network. either way it was delicious.

after dinner, we watched the first episode of the first season of dexter-i have always wanted to watch that show because i know it would be something i would like-and i did. anywho, dyl went home after that and my mom and i watched the bachelor-what a bore!
well, that was my day in a nutshell!

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