Saturday, February 20, 2010

the most wonderful time of the year...

yesterday dylan and i booked our trip to NYC!! i could not be more excited. his 3rd time, my 8th. every time, i think i get more excited. for the two of us to make our round trip from toronto to nyc, it will cost us a grant total of $28 canadian. yep, $14 each. total steal. 67 days away-which better fly by! his exams finish april 27 and his summer classes start may 3, so we really only had a few days to play with, and luckily it worked out perfectly.

this year, we decided to forego the usual hotel stay and look up vacation rentals. since it will be the high season when we go (april 28), mostly every place i checked had a 3 night or 5 night minimum, and we are only staying 2. we also really wanted to keep it under 200$ a night. we found one that looked perfect, with a 2 night minimum and $200 a night. so we emailed, but that was the winter rate, and the spring rate would be 275. we thought it was too much, but after much frustration, searching, emailing other places (only to be misled by the minimum nights and winter rates that were still on the sites, which did not say winter), we realized it would be worth it. plus, we have our own private garden!! which, is amazing and makes up a little for the price. and all the reviews of the place were fantastic.

plus, we wanted to stay in and around the chelsea and greenwich village area-which is my #1 fave area. and it's exactly what we got.
we will be staying on a cute littlte tree lined street like this, we will have a kitchen, and a private garden-all sounds perfect to me! (photo from flickr)
if this all works out, which i don't see why it won't, i think we will stick do this, instead of the hotels.
i can't wait to have a glass of wine in our garden at night and have a stroll around the book stores, have a coffee at the cafe's and browse the marc jacobs stores ;)
soo, weather, please, please be nice!!!
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