Thursday, February 25, 2010


goes out to my bestie...she turns 23 today!! wooo ...
we were in gymnastics together when we were 2 years old..we were both rockin' the sweaters and little tights and high pony tails, and jumping into sponges. i have video of this at home, its fun to watch. we went to elementary school together (the one or 2 times we had diff teachers, i think i had a meltdown lol), then obvi high school, and we even went to college together. now she is in university and graduating nursing in about 2 months and i'm here in toronto. she is celebrating her birthday this weekend (duh) and my mom is supposed to pick me up after my class tonight to go home for the weekend. but see, the weather is say there is gonna be about 7 inches of snow or something, and the driving conditions may be bad..and she might not come..understandable..she said she would come tomorrow if that was the case..unless it is still bad then too...and then i would miss the birthday celebrations..NOO!!!! but, that's it, that's all.


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Kristin said...

Awwwwwww, yay! Happy bday to your bestie! My bff's bday was on Tues!

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