Friday, February 26, 2010

so purdy...

the backyard through the window...

i think this is the first REAL snow 'storm' we have had all 'winter'...i say 'storm' because it's not really, i mean, ya it's coming down...but it's melting when it hits the wet roads. although it is piling up on surfaces that are cold, like the bit of snow that was here before. and i say 'winter' because we really haven't had much of one. it has been quite mild and just the odd dusting of snow thus far..which is really weird. so i was happy to wake up today to this! and because my mom was able to get me last night from toronto, so i made it home for the weekend.

i love the snow! i love just sitting inside and watching it pour down. now i'm realizing, i guess this could be considered a storm. it's only calling for about 5cm though..i don't know, but i sure like it!

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