Friday, January 29, 2010

dylan asked me last week if i wanted to go on a date today...

then he said we can make some cupcakes and soup. so, really, our 'date' is going to the grocery store lol as he later corrected himself. however, i am still very much excited for this. we have fun grocery shopping today. i am going to make my favorite soup EVER!!! cheddar-cauliflower soup..its a rachel ray recipe and it is so homey/cozy and tasty and i just love it. not to mention, it's easy.
he should be here fairly soon, then we will head out to buy the few things we need.

maybe we will stop by and get some of this too... i want to like wine-so i am trying it here and there. ya know... (pic here)

i am sad though-because my day can't be as relaxed as i would like. see, i have 3 midterms and a paper outline due next week-actually all crammed into monday, tuesday and wednesday. awesome

have a good weekend!

1 comment:

Giovanna said...

good luck on midterms! cupcake and grocery date sounds perfect.

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