Thursday, January 21, 2010


ya, that's what my food was this morning.

so i opened my fridge this morning to grab a water, and it didn't really that cold. hmm w/e i thought. and then i'm all like wait, my fridge is the one that is usually ice cold and 1 degree colder the shit would be then i checked again and felt around and NOTHING felt cold. like the milk, juice, coffee cream, waters, etc...pretty much all dairy was DONE! warm as could be. damn!! then it dawned on me..umm hey, the freezer is connected..duh...sure enough everything in their felt like it had been sitting on my counter for 24 hours. chicken breasts-soft. meat for hamburger helper (which i was looking so forward to making tmrw, simple palet i have) -soft, ice get the point..FML

i go down the landlords office and he is not there. i try again an hour later. nothing. so i decide to get a sandwich from whole foods and if he wasn't there when i got back, i would give a call. no dice. still not there. so after i enjoyed my delicious orange sesame chicken panini, i gave him a call. he just happens to be in barbados. lol long story short (err, shorter) he is emailing the office, and the soonest someone can fix it is tmrw. well it's too late, i already lost all my food.

its a good thing i eat and have a lot of apples and clementines and carrots to tide me over till then. i take this as a sign i need to eat more fruits and veggies and fresh stuff that doesn't necessarily require a fridge. the saddest part-my grandmas sauce with a few meatballs was in the freezer, which i haven't had i forever!!! luckily, i was able to put a few things (including the sauce) in another girls fridge that lives in the building.

see, this is what my fridge should probably look like. minus all the veggies with starting eyeballs.
from here

oh that little picture, that's just me, trying to get what i can from my fridge. what, like you don't wear heels and booty shorts for a lil cleaning? lol

pic here


rbandj said...

daaamnnn, that sucks. that's happened to me before. i have to admit, your attitude about it is rather inspiring because i was so mad i could have punched a hole through the wall!

ps - i toootally wear high heels and booty shorts when cleaning... baha.

bananas. said...

oh noooo! i hate when that happens. you end up having to toss so many things. boo. sorry hun.

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